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A Client’s Cozy Feng Shui Cottage

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DIY Candlestick Makeover

I’m back from my 3-day adventure working with my client purging and adding Feng Shui Design elements to her cozy space. I arrived in a little red Kia Soul filled to the rafters with boxes and bins and all kinds of pretty thinks shopped from my home and my thrifted stash.

Between her busy lifestyle and […]

DIY Candlestick Makeover

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DIY Candlestick Makeover

Feng Shui by Bridget DIY Candlestick Holder

I was asked yesterday after posting the transformation of our stairwell, bathroom and dining room windows if I was concerned that my choice of window film was going to create an imbalance of the fire element and the associated guas with all the triangle shapes in the patterns design.

This was an excellent question and she […]

Colour Therapy in the Simplest of Ways

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Colour Therapy in the Simplest of Ways

Feng Shui Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy is something I’ve implemented in my practice for years and it goes beyond environmental Feng Shui. The colour of your clothes can impact how you feel. You know the little red dress and all.

When working with my 3day client a couple of weeks back I […]

DIY Window Film Makeover

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DIY Bathroom Window Film Makeover

Feng Shui Remedy for a window over a toilet

I am over the moon with the window films from @artscapewindowfilm (this is not a sponsored or collaborative post)

Ordering directly off their website I used 5 rolls of the Old English in the 72 x 36” size as my windows exceed the 36” height of the smaller […]

A Client’s Lamp – This or That

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A Client’s Lamp – This or That

Feng Shui by Bridget
Yesterday I was asked why there were no lampshades on the lamps in my client’s bedroom and living room, being that Feng Shui is intentional with everything having a reason. A good question and a good eye. 😉

There is a reason but it’s rather a mundane one that you may even laugh about for the […]

Feng Shui Kitchen Talk #3

2019-10-29T03:50:04+00:00By |

Feng Shui Kitchen Talk #3

Q – “Bridget why did you take your cabinet doors off when you did your remodel/refresh? Is it a Feng Shui thing?”

A – Not hanging the cabinet doors back up on the units with our every day + holiday china and above the fridge was a personal choice. Not a Feng Shui decision.

I’ve been a homeowner since I’ve been 19, a long, longgggg […]

Feng Shui Kitchen Talk #4

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Feng Shui Kitchen Talk #4

Q – “Hey, Bridget, I love your kitchen makeover, but do you find the white too cold, especially with what looks like a marble backsplash?”

A – The short answer is no. I/we don’t find the kitchen cool now that it’s off white. In fact, it feels light and airy and definitely more inviting.

The long answer is, over time, it could especially since […]

Feng Shui Kitchen Talk #5

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Feng Shui Kitchen Talk #5

Feng Shui and Microwaves

Q – “Bridget, I’ve read the microwaves are bad. Why did you keep your when you did your kitchen?”

A – There is a lot of talk about Microwaves being bad for one’s health. I happen to agree; however, my Honey likes having one in the house for the odd time he wants to warm […]