DIY Candlestick Makeover

Feng Shui by Bridget DIY Candlestick Holder

I was asked yesterday after posting the transformation of our stairwell, bathroom and dining room windows if I was concerned that my choice of window film was going to create an imbalance of the fire element and the associated guas with all the triangle shapes in the patterns design.

This was an excellent question and she had a good eye. The triangles do indeed represent the fire element, however, the glass of the window and the fluidity of the faux leaded glass controls the fire of the triangle and diamonds. Water = the glass if the window and the faux leaded window. Water puts out fire so the fire element is not an issue.

The triangle and diamond shapes do draw the eye and the energy up over the toilet and the stairwell while the horizontal grid of the pattern stabilizes and grounds the energy in both of these spaces controlling any potential energy challenges.

The Old English pattern is both beautiful and effective at solving these Feng Shui challenges.

I LOVE the light from these window, they were one of the selling features I fell in love within this home. I walked away from houses with this same floor plan without these added windows.

Did you notice my me candlestick! It was an old lamp re-envisioned? 💗