Feng Shui Outdoor Oasis

Design Elements

Outdoor spaces are often overlooked in the design concepts of most homes. I find this such a shame as your home is your biggest financial investment and from a financial standpoint it is smart business to maximize every square foot of a property. Creating outdoor rooms is a dynamic use of space. I’ve taken my love for outdoor spaces to fully embrace my two favorite seasons of spring and summer and expanded upon outdoor design in every home I’ve ever owned since the age of 20. As styles have evolved I have changed my design concepts as my needs and taste changed.

As emptynesters we have recently downsized to be closer to our daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law, moving from a double, fully landscaped lot with a number of outdoor rooms I felt the need to create an equally beautiful, sacred and private space in our new, now tiny lot in a new development that is virtually void of trees. The transformation has become my most favorite outdoor spaces.

May you become inspired.