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Transform the landscape of your mind, body, soul, spirit.

Feel Your Personal Best

Globally my clients have experienced profound healing in transforming the landscape of their Mind, Body and Spirits. Through years of practice, integrated knowledge and experience I have created a unique and powerful way to assist my clients both Onsite and Distantly to reprogram the root-cause of their emotional, physical, mental, psychological and spiritual non-beneficial cellular memories caught in their soul-imprint.

For close to 20 years I have been assisting clients across the globe move beyond what no-longer serves their highest good while creating a sacred place for deep healing to transpire.

Bridget Saraka Feng Shui Expert Intuitive Practitioner

People, Places, Events, Time and Timelines

Every experience, emotion, thought, action, reaction, relationship has contributed to creating the fabric of our beginnings. It is through these experiences that we can learn to grow and go beyond the limiting perceptions of what the journey truly means to our spiritual growth and evolution. Often we find ourselves reliving an old paradigm frustrated and at a loss as to how to manifest our deepest desires. What we don’t often realize in our quest for something more, while dabbling in various modalities, seeking the answers to unlock the chains that keep us bound to our fears and anxieties is that we’re not only working towards healing the emotional, physical, mental, psychological and spiritual dis-ease and trauma here and now but also that of our past lives.

Now I’m getting into the woo-woo. But hear me out. If you are here now you are curious and most likely have somewhat of a belief system of metaphysics. So let me continue. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not you have had many lifetimes within this one. Daughter, son, sister, mother, father, student, professional, friend, foe. Each of these incarnations of yourself has brought with it their own experiences which have ingrained within your cellular memory the emotional imprint of each and every moment of your time here. Now let’s consider that reincarnation is indeed a phenomenon that our souls/spirits experience. With each lifetime we bring to this moment of our current existence our personal and unique memory imprints from each and every loop through time. Hummmm and we wonder why we have fears and phobias and recurring nightmares that we cannot logically explain.

Let’s add to the mix that we have the genetic make-up and DNA cellular memories of our parents and genealogy. This is no secret. It is the reason we have the hair, eye, and skin colour’s that we do. It is the reason that we have predispositions for specific health conditions and the reason why we have that quirky little smile and the tilt of the head when deep in thought.

So we have our own soul/spirit cellular memory from all lifetimes, past, present and now, combined with the cellular memories of both our parental genealogy timelines. Is it any wonder why we have such a challenge attaining peace of mind, body, and spirit?

I assist in the Transforming and Reprogramming of these Cellular memories that no-longer serve your highest good so that you may comfortably and easily move into your Divine Blue-print of Perfect Well-being.

Soul Retrievals are often required during such deep and profound work to integrate aspects of one’s soul that have been fragmented during emotional, physical, mental, psychological and spiritual trauma acquired from abuse, accident, illness, divorce, loss of a loved one, PTSD, etc. It is my experience that the deepest and most lasting healing transpires with soul retrievals but only after the foundational work has been implemented and the root cause of the initial fragmentation’s have transformed to a state that is frequency compatible to the aspects of self-returning home to the seat of the soul.

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