Create a Lifestyle to support

how you most desire to feel.

Hybrid Feng Shui® – Body, Soul, Spirit, Home™

Feng Shui Expert BridgetWelcome to the Living Essence of Hybrid Feng Shui®– Body, Soul, Spirit, Home™ a Lifestyle formula to manifesting joyful experiences that light you up and feed your purpose and passion for life. I will assist you in creating a sacred space where inspiration gives birth to your dreams and joy aligns heartfelt desires through intentional design.

The magnetic force behind attracting to you the life experiences you so desire happens when you mindfully design your life on purpose with clear intentions. Knowing how you most want to feel in all areas of your life from your relationships to your career and creative expressions puts you in a frequency alignment to them.

feng-shui-expert-bridget-sarakaWith over 20 years’ experience I have and continue to assist countless clients from across the globe, onsite and distantly, define their desires and refine their lives by creating a lifestyle to support how they most desire to feel.

From the comfort of their own homes and offices I have worked remotely with clients as far away as Tel Aviv Israel, Australia, Bali, throughout the United States and Canada.

Body, Soul, Spirit, Home™

It all matters!

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“Modern sensibility for modern times.

Bridget makes Hybrid Feng Shui® understandable and relevant.”

– Dr. Robert P. Beckford

Love the Space You’re in…

Lifestyle – Packages

Create a Lifestyle to support

how you most desire to feel.

Inspired by the growing demands of my clients requests I have combined a variety of my complimentary services into integrative packages to meet your specific needs and time lines. Consultations are available for On-site and Distant clients throughout Canada, US and Internationally.

Each package is listed below in order of client’s preferences. If you don’t find a package that tickles your fancy please feel free to call me. I’ll be happy to work with you in creating something that works for you. Ask me about my payment plans.

#1 – Soulful Life – Onsite & Distant

canadian feng shui expert bridget saraka

Favorite amongst clients. The ultimate in Transformation. This unique package is the most comprehensive and the most powerful. When you are ready to get serious about creating some serious change in your life this is the package for you!

Clients experience the healing of what no-longer serves their highest good, clearing of environmental trauma and aligning intentional design with desires while realizing this is the rocket fuel for attracting into their experience the life changes they’ve dreamed of for years.

Includes Specialty Services Dowsing, Space Clearing, Personal Clearing, Blessing Ceremony, Feng Shui

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 #2 – Joyful Life – Onsite & Distant

Feng Shui for the Body, Soul, Spirit, HomeAlthough this package is popular amongst my Onsite clients it is by far the most favoured by my Distant Clients. If you are experiencing environment, emotional and energetic disturbances that are stealing your joy and interrupting your flow this baby’s for you!

I have successfully helped both Onsite and yes Distant clients globally with clearing of paranormal and ghost activity from their land, homes and places of business. I know it sounds a little too woowoo but it’s true.  If you need references I’ve got them.

Onsite or Distantly you will feel lighter, brighter and ready to step into the groove of your life.

Embrace a Shift in Perspective and create a sacred space to cultivate and nurture new beginnings.

Includes Specialty Services Dowsing, Space Clearing, Personal Clearing, Blessing Ceremony

#3 – Grateful Life – Onsite & Distant

Bridget Saraka Feng Shui PackagesDowsing and Feng Shui of Land and Home neutralizing non-beneficial environmental disturbances while creating a sacred space to support your deepest desires.

This package is very popular as it digs deep into the environmental disorders that cause “House Sickness”, known in the industry as geopathic stress that may be compromising your health and well being. You will feel AMAZING!

Includes Specialty Services DowsingFeng Shui

#4 – Divine Life – Distant

Bridget Saraka Personal Clearing PackagesBridge Spirit and Matter with Cellular Memory Reprogramming and Integration so that you can step fully into the GROOVE OF YOUR LIFE!

Transforming non-beneficial cellular memories that no-longer serve your highest good while inspiring deep healing of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual trauma.

Includes Specialty Services – Personal Clearing

#5 – Desire & Design – Onsite & Distant

Canadian Feng Shui Onsite and Distant PackagesMessaging the details purely for Feng Shui Residential, Rural, Real Estate and Corporate Clients Available Onsite or Distant Choose Your Method.

This Hybrid Feng Shui™ basic package provides you a comprehensive examination of your space while offering specific recommendations and enhancements to meet your short term and long term goals.

Includes Specialty Services –  Feng Shui

#6 – Room Rescue – Onsite & Distant

bridget-saraka-feng-shui single room designExcellent in a pinch, this single room consultation is focussed on a specific result. For those seeking a Colour Consultation, room-redesign, or functional tune-up this is the one for you! Quick, Easy, Cost Effective.

Your style. Your taste. Every detail matters!

#7 – Sacred Space

Bridget Saraka - Landscape Design

Everything you see influences how your feel. Create a sacred space within your landscape to lift your heart and welcome you home. Take advantage of what is often overlooked as an opportunity to make a BIG IMPACT!

Includes Specialty ServicesFeng Shui & Landscape Design

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Lifestyle – Mentoring Programs

Master a mindset and an action plan

to create a lifestyle

to support how you most desire to feel.

#8 – Show me the way!Living Love Manifesto by Bridget Saraka

The Living Love Manifesto™

Inspired by clients continued comments – “I want what you have. Can you share with me how you do what you do?”

It’s all about the love!  “Your state of being and experiences are a direct reflection of your heart vibration”

I will help you cultivate and nurture your sweet spot so that you may heal the emotional triggers that keep you locked down and locked up. As you lighten up, tune in and turn up your heart vibration you will become mindful of the landmines of your thoughts, verbal declarations and habitual and environmental conditioning. You will begin to create a new script and re-direct the course of your life path on purpose by transforming the landscape of your Body, Soul, Spirit and Home with confidence and grace.

(This is not a program designed to teach you to have a career such as mine. This is a program designed to cultivate your purpose with passion designed in spiritual practices.)

#9 – Light me up!

bridget saraka business mentoringPerfect for the passionate entrepreneur who has a desire to attract, grow and retain their client base while establishing and highlighting their personal brand.

I will help you define your message and refine your brand in a way that is natural and in alignment with your personality, professional ethics and businesses model.

(This is not a program designed to teach you to have a career such as mine. This is a program designed to highlight your unique expression in a way that is powerfully authentic to you.)

Call me. Let’s Talk 306 249 2064!

#10 – Feng Shui Savvy Branding

& Website Development

Feng Shui Savvu Website Building and Re-branding is perfect for those seeking to infuse their personal band with a soulful touch while expressing their unique message. I will help you identify your target market while designing a beautiful website and consistent brand throughout all Social Media Platforms.

Call me. Let’s Talk 306 249 2064!

“When I was ready to raise my profile and take my Feng Shui practice to another level, I reached out to Bridget for her expertise. I don’t know anyone else who understands the challenges of the esoteric business model better than Bridget. She has the experience and passion needed to coach you. Bridget brings a unique combination of business and technology savvy with a spiritual perspective. She completely re-designed my website, helped me re-brand myself across all of my media platforms with a cohesive and fresh new digital image and gave me invaluable sales & marketing advice. She was as committed to my success as I was and challenged me to perform at my peak. I am forever grateful. If you’re ready for a professional breakthrough, Bridget can help you.” –  XO Laura Carrillo


“Bridget’s keen awareness and an amazing level of trust are complimented by her infinite patience in providing her clients with what is in their highest good. She has an innate ability of restoring things to their natural order.”
C.Emmer - Seattle Washington, DC
Thank you beautiful Bridget, I have regained my purpose, clarity and you’ve reminded me of the gifts I have to share with the world, I would recommend anyone to give themselves the gift of a clearing with Bridget. It is our birthright to feel joyous, and when we do, when those emotional and cellular blocks are removed, everyone benefits! Love you!”
C.W. - Perth, Australia


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