Bridget Saraka – Canadian Feng Shui Expert

  & Intuitive Practitioner

Love Lives Here Now is my Personal Mantra

Hi, I am Bridget Saraka, Canadian Feng Shui Expert, Intuitive Practitioner, and CEO of the International Feng Shui Guild 2013 – 2017. In addition to my career as a Feng Shui, Dowsing, Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremony Expert I specialize in Personal Clearings, Cellular Memory Reprogramming and Lifestyle Mentoring.

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario I revelled in my Irish heritage. The metaphysical world was very much a part of everyday life and the foundation that enriched my experiences and influenced my focus of studies. It is these deep roots that support my life path in assisting clients to navigate the seen and unseen world. As my aunt once said, “you have the gift too.” I guess I do.

I believe that Love is the answer to world peace and that our body is the Chalice, the Holy Grail and our homes are the temples in which we honor all that is Love. I believe Love is the portal to bridging heaven and earth. I think we take ourselves far too seriously. We’ve forgotten to LAUGH OUT LOUD! To give and receive BIG HUGS. To Love Unconditionally and Forgive Freely.

I know from first-hand experience that creating a lifestyle to support your deepest desires is central to  your heart vibration. Attracting into your experience that which is in alignment to you is the key. Align your Body, Soul, Spirit, Home to the vibration of Love, Gratitude and Joy and enjoy the journey!

I am happy to share the knowledge I’ve gained on my journey so that you too may create a lifestyle to support how you most desire to feel.

It’s all about the Love.

Bridget Saraka, Feng Shui Expert and Intuitive Practitoner






Bridget Saraka,

CEO of the International Feng Shui Guild (2013 – 2017) & Current Red Ribbon Professional

Red Ribbon

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“Through the whole process of working with Bridget,

I found her to be compassionate and very emotionally and personally

available on all levels. I would definitely recommend her to anyone,

and would engage her again to help me on my continuing journey.”

J. C. – Kelowna, BC


60 – 70’s

That’s me front row center. As a child I had dyslexia, stuttered, saw ghosts and things that moved in the night. My dreams were vivid and terrifying. I now understand why.

Not fitting in I was bullied during recess and after school. The things that challenged me made me strong.

My story is not unique. It’s just my story and each chapter like yours contributes to who and where I am now. I really love where I am now. I love my life.

I spent a lot of time alone. I never “played Barbie’s” as a little girl. In a makeshift fort in my Irish Grandfather’s front yard garden beside the claw-foot tub goldfish pond, I made Barbie houses out of discarded items and scrap fabric. From the curtains to the evening gowns; Barbie had it all going on.

I’ve always been able to see images in my mind, colourful, brights, holographs of ideas and inspirations. My Grandfather was my best friend and cultivated my creativity and love for the seen and unseen world.


80’s – 90’s

When I was 19, I renovated my 1st home. At 21 I renovated my 2nd home while pregnant with my first child. I built my 1st country home when I was 22 and my 2nd when I was 23 and pregnant with my 2nd child. At 27 I built my 3rd home, my 4th at 30 and my 5th at 34.

I have always had a creative business mind. From 23-37 I was co-owner of my then husband’s custom cabinet shop.

My first solo business was “From House to Home”. My passion for construction, design and textiles brought me into the world of interior decorating. From painting, wallpaper, sewing curtains, accent cushions, quilts, comforters, re-upholstering and designing furniture you name it, I made it. I’d often be up sewing late into the night going to bed just a couple of hours before having to get my girls ready for school.

I wrote my first 500 page novel at the age of 31. No, it’s not published – Yes it’s a love story. Yes, I still have it. I’d stay up writing in the dark because my characters had a lot to say. I love writing which is a bit of a paradox with dyslexia. There is much more than I have written that I no-longer posses as I’m a big fan of burning that which no-longer serves a higher purpose. Ask my clients they know first hand the depths of healing from such burning ceremonies.

1971 – 1989

My intuition and spirituality blew wide open shortly after my 18 year old little sister passed away in a tragic snowmobile accident. I consider my sister’s death one of the most beautiful gifts of my life, for in her transitioning she guided me to myself. She taught me to feel more, to trust more. To cherish every moment. To never say goodbye without saying I love you. To hug always. To live. Becky taught me to live. Every day I miss the physical presence of my sister but I know she lives within me and around me and for her I am most grateful.

2000 – >

My second business “Building Wings” was my holistic healing business where I assisted clients in mentoring and finding balance in their lives.

My 3rd business was “Body Light Health and Wellness” As a personal trainer and wellness coach I helped clients meet their health and wellness goals. In addition to training clients in their homes, I also taught fitness classes 3 mornings a week and Monday evenings. I was in the best physical shape of my life!

My 4th business was Zen Solutions by Bridget which was re-branded to Feng Shui by Bridget and the place you are visiting now. Welcome.

Since 2001 I’ve been co-creating a beautiful life with my twin flame. Yes, I am. We are childhood sweethearts who came together many years later when we became a frequency match to our hearts vibrations. He literally walked out of the pages of my novel and manifested in my dreams. Yes, he did. But that’s another story for later. We’ve happily raised both our children and have opened our hearts and homes to many of their friends who have in their teens needed a safe place to call home. We understand that family goes beyond bloodlines and is rooted in heart vibes. As emptinessers we are now the happy parents of 4 fur babies, Chakra, Reiki, Buddha and Dharma.

Love Lives Here Now is my personal Mantra.





What I love most about my career besides the fabulously wonderful people I meet from across the globe is that The Living Essence of Hybrid Feng Shui™ provides me the opportunity to tap into all that I am. In any given Consultation I can go from helping a client choose the most appropriate paint colour for their bedroom and then instantly move into a space of helping them heal the root cause of the emotional triggers that keep them in an old paradigm that no-longer serves their highest good. One minute I’m drawing up landscape design plans and then choosing artwork for a client’s new office building and an hour later I’m doing a distant personal and space clearing for a client across the globe.

My life is pretty sweet. Yes, I am so very grateful. I’m living in alignment with my Body, Soul, Spirit, Home. You can to.

Call me. Let’s Talk. 306 249 2064