Counting My Blessings

Thank You, To all my wonderful clients who have offered their kinds words. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to assist you on your Feng Shui Journey and to call many of you friends.

To have a client become a friend is one of the most beautiful compliments I could receive. Thank you.

I am so very happy to do what I Love and Love what I do. Each of you have inspired my dreams.

~ Namaste, Bridget Saraka

Bridget Saraka

E.B. Saskatoon, SK

“Bridget has been an important part of my life for over five years. I have studied Feng Shui enough to know we all need a professional to see the complete big picture. She has been a helping and guiding force in preparing my house to sell. Creating a harmonious design for my husband and myself to build. And ultimately adapting and decorating the home we purchased.

Bridget’s involvement was also indispensable in building our new office. From creating the blueprint to placement of the last art print.
I have yearly consultation to keep things flowing in a positive and creative direction, for both my personal and professional life.
I would unconditionally highly recommend Bridget to anyone desiring a peaceful, abundant and harmonious life and living environment.”

M.N. Martensville, SK

“Bridget has been an absolute blessing to our family. She has helped us with Feng Shui and space clearing in both our home and business. Each time, the transformation and results have been remarkable. Bridget has helped me so much in my own personal journey and transformation. Her wisdom comes from a place of pure love and is so inspiring. She truly has a gift what she does, and I am so thankful that she has shared her passion with us. Thank you Bridget”

J.P. Thunder Bay, On

“Life getting you down a bit?

Not sure where you are going?

Need a little assistance sorting out your options? Call Bridget Saraka

Bridget is empathic, considerate, compassionate, and forgiving. Supportive without enabling. Dedicated to development/growth of self and others – and the peace that inevitably follows. Gifted teacher by example. Wisdom beyond her years. Not intrusive. Guidance when desired but never imposed. Gentleness without weakness. Grace under Fire.

It was a privilege to be mentored by this woman during the most trying time of my life some 15 years ago. She helped me transcend limitations with the feminine, authority and expectations of self that has substantially changed my life for the better – and is continuing to do so. She, more than anyone else, helped me onto the path of self-discovery, a process that brings increasing joy with increased awareness of who I am, why I am here, and where am I going? And in this process I found a soul mate. In reviews of subsequent writings describing these life changes, some of the most accredited professionals and academics in the west were surprised that transformative changes largely originated from such unassuming beginnings with Bridget.” – John W. Parks, Author of Adventures in La-La Land: Musing of an Environmental Scientist Turning Mystic Wannabe

G.M. – Honalulu, Hawaii.

“Bridget is a Master at clearing people and spaces.”

J.K. Mississauga, ON

“Bridget Saraka is the “real” thing – the true expert/master healer. After trying multiple workshops and sessions with others – I have never felt this magical, full of light, spiritual and miraculous connection and all this through distant sessions: WOW.
So far, I had two sessions with Bridget (space clearing and personal clearing) and am certain to use her services further. I am very grateful to my creator/God/Universe who has finally shown me my angel. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!”

J.W. – Trail, B.C.

“I have known Bridget for over 10 years and she never fails to facilitate my most precious “light bulb moments”. She will take you on a journey to the metaphysical light bulb store and help you pick out the most perfect bulb for your higher good. She will then hold your hand and cradle your spirit as you screw your new source into its socket then sits back and marvels in the glorious illumination of it with you. She then sets you on your own unique path to be the soul captain of all of your own light switches. I’m a very visual girl and many times I sit and think about something we’ve talked about and my light bulb goes on and gets pretty bright. Brilliant! So Bridget can add electrician to her resume! lol Thank you with all of the light in my heart!”

C.D. – Saskatoon, SK

“First on-site and an eye witnessing to a horrific motor vehicle accident that claimed the life of an innocent man, my neighbour and patron I found myself “haunted” by the images replaying in my mind and the emotional turmoil of the after affects. You see I had been missed by the oncoming vehicle by a second for the force of the impact sent the truck propelling towards me landing where I had a heartbeat before stood. Instinctively I moved into action doing what I could for those in need without second guessing or thought to my own safety.

Being that I was working during the incident my place of employment sent me for Grief Counseling which did not help me move beyond the PTSD. Bridget my friend and neighbour reached out to me knowing that I was suffering. In her back yard we sat, she listened to me, felt my pain, I could not control my emotions. Holding my hand Bridget worked her magic. She helped clear the trauma from my cellular memories in my physical, mental, emotional and physiological bodies. Recognizing that my emotional state was complex due to my “survivors guilt” Bridget told me that it was OK to be grateful that it wasn’t me that had been hit. That is was OK to be happy to be alive. That I have been saved because it wasn’t my time and that being grateful to be alive didn’t shadow or diminish the grief and sorrow I felt for the lost of my neighbour. Bridget showed me the way through my grief while celebrating my life. She cried with me, for me. Together we moved through the my pain.

In addition to our work together Bridget performed an energy clearing and blessing ceremony at the accident site to help transform the energy imprint of the trauma. Bridget’s help was much more effective and useful to me than the Grief Counseling offered through my place of employment.

I don’t know what she did. I don’t know what I believe. I do know that Bridget helped me a lot.

Thank you Bridget”

C.D. – Guatemala

“Several years ago, I lost my father to suicide, this broke my heart. The grief and sorrow had turned a part of my sunshine off. Bridget’s soothing voice and kind-hearted spirit assisted me in finding my courage to trust another individual to help me release the block of pain. The key to my pain and healing was of course forgiveness. Bridget took me to a place where I could deeply forgive my father on the cellular level. The betrayal that I felt from my dad could finally be released. Bridget Saraka is a kind, gifted and graceful human being; her laughter is like the light of a thousand suns. Her inner and outer beauty are equally well balanced. Her lighthearted nature gave me the security I needed to face the pain and move forward with my life. She is a gifted individual with sharp awareness.

If you are in need of open-heart surgery on a spiritual level please don’t hesitate to see how Bridget can assist you with removing whatever is holding you back or getting you down.

Bridget has a unique purpose in life. I would not hesitate for a second to send my clients to Bridget; she is a multifaceted Crystal on this lovely planet of ours.”

C.E. – Seattle Washington, USA

“Bridget’s keen awareness and an amazing level of trust are complimented by her infinite patience in providing her clients with what is in their highest good.  She has an innate ability of restoring things to their natural order.”

C. W. – Perth, Australia

“I can recall the actual day I felt the ‘shift’. I had been in a cyclic rut, which was holding me back in my home, business and personal lives. Initially, I was a bit embarrassed to ask Bridget to help me, as I had let things go at home. However in Bridget’s accepting and gentle hands, I felt completely safe! We booked our ‘meeting’ but I didn’t know that she had already starting working on removing the non-beneficial energies which were holding me back.

I had just completed a day of incredible productivity, working on tasks that I had been avoiding for years, when I suddenly knew that something had changed, the heaviness had gone. I literally wanted to tell the world how much I loved it. And the biggest coup? I could finally speak up with loving clarity. From stuttering and shaking with fear when speaking to groups, I organized my first workshop and spoke on public radio!

All the self-improvement, and healing I had done, all the spiritual work, felt like it had integrated itself into my being- I finally really got it- I knew/know who I really am. I feel like I have this secret inside, a secret that if everybody knew, would want it also. That I am loved, I am not my body, not my clothes, job, hair, home, car, I am loved just because I am!

Thank you beautiful Bridget, I have regained my purpose, clarity and you’ve reminded me of the gifts I have to share with the world, I would recommend anyone to give themselves the gift of a clearing with Bridget.

It is our birthright to feel joyous, and when we do, when those emotional and cellular blocks are removed, everyone benefits! Love you!”

J. C. – Kelowna, BC

“I had never heard of space clearing until I read an article in Issues magazine. It immediately interested me as our house was up for sale and it wasn’t going well. Plus, even though it was a beautiful, fairly new house I hadn’t felt welcome or “at home” in it for months when we moved in.

I contacted Bridget and she was extremely engaging and generous with her time on the phone. I booked a clearing and she arrived on time and had already done a lot of work remotely.

She involved me in the clearing and dowsing and explained everything in a way I could understand. She was very sweet with my cranky “senior kitty” and actually called her by a nickname that I used (and I hadn’t mentioned!) for her.

Due to some personal attachments and housing market considerations our house did not sell as quickly as I’d hoped after the clearing.

Bridget called me back when she hadn’t heard from me and when she found out we hadn’t sold yet she came back to re-check the space and spent at least another hour and a half helping me to recognize and release my own attachments to the house.

Within a month I had found a beautiful new condo in a new city and had a buyer for the house.
Through the whole process I found Bridget to be compassionate and very emotionally and personally available on all levels. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, and would engage her again to help me on my continuing journey.”

D. C. – New Hamburg, ON

“Bridget comes from the Heart, a place of Balance Benevolence and Unconditional Love. A place that holds no judgement or attachments to the outcome, for that alone belongs to the recipient and their own personal journey in time. She can only assist change by the willingness of the recipient. We have created blocks through past experiences and conditioning, which exist as cellular memory. The body seeks balance and this is where Bridget ‘s inherent connection to the divine, allows the recipient to by-past individual lifetimes, the drama, and make change at the level of Root Cause. Testimonials are varied, paths are unique. We receive that which serves the Highest Good through intention. It is a journey, hands reaching out to hands as bridges back to the Divine inherent within.”

N. H. – Northbattle Ford, SK

“I thank you Bridget for giving me the proper teachings and information and for continuing to follow-up with me. I believe you are honestly an angel that was brought to me to teach and show me how to live the life of my dreams. All the work you have done has completely changed my life. I am so grateful each and every day to be living a life full of love, joy, peace, happiness and financial freedom!! From the girl you saved.”

C. O. – New Mexico, USA

“Bridget Saraka is a gifted, caring, and skilled practitioner without equal. I feel so fortunate that Bridget came into my life when we worked together on the Board of the International Feng Shui Guild, and now we continue to collaborate. She had provided remote dowsing for my clients with astonishing results, and she has for my own property. My life has truly been blessed since I began my personal and professional association with Bridget. I recommend her with the highest praise and without hesitation.”

J. S. – Lumsden, SK

“I asked Bridget to clear my house as it had a shady past and was recently broken into. She came and worked her magic. She cleared the house and gave advice on how to properly arrange my son’s bedroom, and his headaches have lessened. My whole family was very positive on Bridget’s work. My husband said that the air temperature feels cooler and my kids say the house feels lighter. I feel a huge difference and believe our homes energy has shifted to vibrate at a higher frequency. Thank you so much Bridget! I feel very grateful that our paths have crossed and I would recommend her services to anyone. You are the best!!!!!”

L. P. – Chicago, Illinois USA

“Bridget Saraka shows compassion, complete expertise, and a thorough understanding of how to improve your life through her methods of clearing. My results are beyond phenomenal!

My experience: 2012 started off with a series of financial disasters. There were two credit card fraud charges on separate credit cards within a 3 month period (one for over $7000), and penalties for taxes that had been completely paid on time. This resulted in “over the top”, repetitive, paper work, trips to the bank and accountant that went on for over 6 months. Also, I was having difficulty in collecting money for services that I provided. Never had I experienced anything like this in my life, and it was exhausting and frustrating!

Less than one week after my clearing with Bridget, a letter was received stating that the penalties were reversed and my check was being sent back with interest. This letter was written and dated the day after my clearing with Bridget. The check was received within two weeks. The fraud charges were cleared and all of the money that was due to be paid has now been received. Thankfully, my life has resumed to a wonderful pace with this huge reversal occurring in a very short period of time!

My thoughts are clearer, my energy level is good, and many projects that were difficult to complete are well on their way. I highly recommend Bridget’s method to help smooth out the rough edges in your life. Her connection to energy and the ability to relay information with clarity and wisdom are a rare gift. Truly, it feels good to get “me” back! Thank you so much, Bridget!”

J. C. – Thunder Bay, Ontario

“Bridget’s ability to identify how to elementally balance my master bedroom transformed the neglected space into a personal retreat. I now enjoy a more restful, rejuvenating sleep. Her insight and skills assisting me in choosing colours, furniture and accessories, as well as the placement in the room made the process effortless. To think this was done through distant consultations!”

A. G. – Martensville, SK

“Do not be fooled by weekend warriors! Bridget is the real deal. If you need a shift in your life you need to see her! Accurate and extremely thorough. She works wonders!!”

B. D. –  Saskatoon, SK

“After moving into a new home I often had the odd feeling that I was a visitor rather than an owner. Thinking it was because the place was unfamiliar I set about making the space my own. But in spite of my efforts I still felt that there was something not right about the house.

After a detailed consultation, Bridget performed a property clearing. As a result of Bridget’s many years of experience & extensive knowledge I am delighted to say it was a success!! I no longer feel like an intruder & I am happy to say that my new home feels brighter, lighter & all mine!! Thank you Bridget!”

J.C. -Seattle, Washington USA

“Bridget Saraka is truly ONE OF A KIND! The first time we met via telephone after being friends on facebook I immediately felt like I was visiting with an old friend! Bridget’s compassion is incomparable and her keen sense of energy/Chi is unyielding, highly attuned to you and your surroundings, bringing the “unseen” into full focus. Bridget not only provides you the in-sight and guidance, she helps to clear away the obstacles, allowing your deepest desires to manifest and accumulate, opening the ‘door’ for you to live the life YOU ARE MEANT TO LIVE. Even if you feel your life is ‘OK’, there is always room for improvement and Bridget delivers!!

Within a week after following Bridget’s suggestions, I received an unexpected sum of money and that was just the beginning of many blessings to follow! Thank you Bridget Saraka/Zen Solutions by Bridget for being such an integral part of my journey to a more blessed life! With ‘LOVE’…for it truly does ‘live here now’!”

S.W. – Saskatoon. SK

“I found myself stuck, unable to clearly see which path to follow – was simply leaving my current job enough or should I sell my house and leave a city that I have known my entire life to start a fresh chapter? There were lots of showings for my house and even one offer only after a week, but it just didn’t feel right. I became even more confused and bewildered. Thankfully Bridget came to my “rescue” with a Space Clearing.

The space clearing was such a powerful and amazing experience.

During the clearing I watched as Bridget’s pure intentions and strong intuitive abilities remove all of the stagnant and unwanted energies; my home was suddenly brighter and had a noticeably lighter feel. Participating in the clearing gave me an opportunity to give my wishes and desires to the universe, to plant the seeds for the future, and helped me to release the many non-beneficial beliefs that I was clinging to.

Maybe not so astonishing, my house was sold only 2 days after the space clearing and I was ready for the new journey that the universe had set before me. Many thanks.”

S. H. M. – Korrobert, SK

“Yes it’s officially sold! I want to thank you so much Bridget as within 2 days of doing a clearing the house sold and we got exactly what we wanted and by when I wanted it sold…I feel so good about this, and my intention was to go to someone who would fill it full of love and laughter, and low and behold the lady is going to have a daycare there is lots of happiness and laughter there.”

C. C. Bigger, Saskatchewan

“Bridget travel out to my farm to do a consultation for my family and myself. The three areas of my life that I wanted to change immediately were Creativity, Wealth and Prosperity and a Healthy lifestyle.

I have always been interested in Eastern cultures and Feng Shui. Bridget spent quite a bit of time both inside and outside of the house and gave me lots of ideas of how to change the energy with a few minor adjustments. I quickly eliminated a lot of clutter and then slowly added a few things here and there to enhance the flow of energy and to affirm what I would like to change in my life.

In the next few months several things happened. The three key areas of my life that I had wanted to change started to do just that. First, I started a casual job working with children that had the flexibility of time that I need. Then my husband and I started a new company as we found gravel on our land. This has allowed us to let our son and his partner the opportunity to take over our farming operation.

I happened to see a poster for a ladies gym that had an introductory reduced price to join and it motivated me to start working on my health and fitness. I have lost 20 lbs and feel more energetic than I have in a long time. Both my husband and I have benefited from the healthier diet that we are now eating.

Last but not least, I started to paint again. I had put down my paintbrushes a long time ago and it feels really good to be doing it again. My walls still need more images to be created and with time and space that will happen!

If you are open to possibilities anything can happen, just allow yourself to look around you and see how even the littlest things can make you feel better. I am very thankful that I took the opportunity to call Bridget!”

R&C ~ Moose Jaw, SK

“My wife and I engaged Bridget to work with us twice in the last year. Once to work in our old home to prepare it for sale (which we did successfully, at the price we wanted) and the second time to help us set up our new home. Bridget is such a pleasure to work with, very open and honest, and WOW the wealth of knowledge this young lady possesses is amazing. Bridget came into our home as a Consultant, and left as a lifelong friend.

PS We purchased our new home from close friends so our “crowd” were very familiar with the space. Once Bridget was done and we started implementing some of her awesome suggestions the comments from our friends were very telling: “this does not even look or feel like the same house”; “We just feel so comfortable and welcome immediately entering the home – can’t believe it’s the same house” and one somewhat skeptical friend “I think you made a believer out of me, what was once a beautiful house is now a beautiful home that makes me feel so Good, almost invigorates me – what do you call this energy……. Chi?” Once we stopped laughing and his wife picked her jaw up off the floor we started sharing our journey – and have more new believers in Bridget and her gifts she willingly shares with all. Thanks Bridget”

D. P. Saskatoon, SK

“Our daughter was always telling us “my tummy hurts.” After visiting doctors and specialists for months with our daughter’s stomach problems, with no answers, we contacted Bridget. Our Naturopathic Doctor suggest I find a Professional Dowser. Bridget assessed and dowsed our entire home making clear Feng Shui recommendations. Since implementing Bridget’s suggestions our daughters stomach problems have improved. With the combination of the Feng Shui changes and a strict diet we rarely hear “my tummy hurts.” We are very grateful for Bridget’s knowledge and kind heart; we would recommend her to any one!”

S. A. – Calgary, Alberta

“I found myself in a situation where I was foggy, lethargic and scattered. I discovered, through dowsing, that I had five entities in my home. I was unable to remove these entities on my own, no doubt due to the fact that I was personally being affected. I gladly accepted Bridget’s offer of help. From a distance, as we live in different cities, Bridget was able to determine that these entities were in fact thought forms. But more importantly, she was able to remove them and I was back to my old self – clear-headed and motivated – within a day. Bridget is a loving soul whose work knows no boundaries. I highly recommend her services.”

L. K. Saskatoon, SK

“The career enhancement was amazing. After following your suggestions, I had three phone calls for interviews and two job offers in a short space of time. I have worked on the rest of the condo and can’t wait to see what else will happen. I know you have to believe and take action to make things happen as well! Thanks for being so good at what you do and for sharing your wisdom so that others can grow.”

A. M. Moose Jaw, Sk

“Upon moving into a three story, turn of the century home I started having some medical problems that I was not previously experiencing. My migraines had gotten significantly worse, debilitating at times and I was now diagnosed with a heart condition, which had never showed up before moving to this house. Because of these medical problems I decided to enlist Bridget from Zen Solutions to see if there were any underlying problems residing with the house itself. Bridget found several problems that could be remedied quickly through dowsing. She started outside and promptly became aware of several issues. Using her dowsing rods she was able to find and remedy several energetic disturbances.

Unbeknownst to Bridget we had a slew of problems with water entering our home since moving into the house 5 months earlier. Once Bridget started walking with her dowsing rods towards the problem area it was like a vortex was pulling her right into this big gaping hole. This is right where the water was draining into the basement. Placing the appropriate remedies Bridget then went downstairs and into the room where the water was draining from the outside. There was a large amount of calcification further clarifying there had been significant water damage. We did a little landscaping and have not had water in the basement since, even despite a very wet fall.

While on the main floor Bridget noticed my brick fireplace that was in my Health and Well Being area of the Bagua Map. On her suggestion that quite possibly my heart problems could be related to the fact that the fireplace had not been cleaned in several years – I quickly hired someone to clean it. This alone has made a significant improvement to my health.

When she got up to the second floor it became quickly apparent that there was a lot of EMF interference in the master bedroom. As well she found another geopathic stress area – which interesting enough lined up with exactly where there was an energetic disturbance outside. This had actually created a crack in the wall at the head of my bed. All of these non-beneficial disturbances required a variety of remedies of which Bridget placed while assuring me of their purpose. I have had much more restful sleeps and fewer migraines.

Bridget came with a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to help heal my house and me. It was a very interesting and rewarding experience with all the positive changes that quickly came from just one session with Bridget.”

Ellen’s Whole Body Health Ltd. – Saskatoon, SK

“Bridget; Thank You so much for doing Feng Shui on my business and my home. The changes were very noticeable and immediate. I began to incorporate the changes very quickly after I saw you and could feel the energy change. I really had a lot of fun shopping for the items I needed and decorating my space. My store began to feel brighter and less heavy, the colors I used really lifted the space and my energy felt better. Very soon after I began to make the changes I noticed people coming to me with new opportunities. I also hired a wonderful new full time person who is quickly becoming my assistant manager and taking some of my work load off me.

Business has really improved and I continue to see it increase monthly. I noticed my family gets along better and feeling happier. It feels great in my home, and I noticed Christmas was fun and less stressful. I would recommend Feng Shui to anyone who would like to see, feel and experience positive change in their life.”

Lissa Klassen Investors Group Consultant – Saskatoon, SK

“Since having Bridget discuss with me how I could better arrange my home or what I could do differently to enhance my surroundings I have experienced a sense of calm and comfort. My sleep is much more restful whereas it used to be restless. My small space is so inviting and comfortable it completely calms me when I arrive. I highly recommend Bridget to come into your home or office space and allow her to work her magic.”

Susan Price, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada – Saskatoon, SK

“We were extremely impressed with our pay-it-forward feng-shui consultation. Our appointment with Bridget lasted longer than expected and this truly showed us her care and concern with making our space friendly and inviting for visitors and staff. We have made several of Bridget’s suggested changes and can already feel the difference in various areas of our office space. Our biggest challenge was the limited appeal in our reception area when customers first entered our premises. Bridget’s suggestions have completely altered the appearance and feel of the room. Thank you.”

J. M. – Bigger, SK

“Bridget and I connected immediately, and after taking time out of her day to talk to me on the phone she recommended additional books for me to read, and with bettering my life in mind, I booked a consultation with her. First, we worked via email through photos, to assist in the landscaping of our rural property. Then Bridget came and spent time in my home. The day was very enlightening, and I loved the suggestions that Bridget gave myself and my family. Why not better our lives if we can! Our family has certainly benefited from some of the simple changes we have made to our home. And the transformation continues.”

S. P. – Saskatoon, SK

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bridget on our family home renovations due to a flood. Bridget is very professional, informative and reflective in advising and directing changes to create optimal energy, design and wellness. Through our meetings, telephone conversations and e-mails Bridget was accessible, approachable and honest. I look forward to working with her on our final renovation plans and future projects. Bridget, thank you for following your passion and gift as we all benefit.”

R. C. – Saskatoon, SK

“Peace that comes when energies are balanced; everything else is in harmony.Wow, a truly remarkable experience! Bridget’s true passion for what she does really shines through. Her excellent taste, knowledge, and talent have brought so many delightful and new opportunities to our home.

Within 2 weeks of getting our consultation done many exciting opportunities began presenting themselves. My spouse received an excellent job, my oldest daughter received a loan she had been waiting on, my youngest daughter was given a clean slate of health and taken off the medication she was on for over 2 years, not failing to mention I began to feel super great inside and out. Bridget’s invaluable ideas within the home but also the super cool and great places she knows about to help with the enhancements were fabulous, everything from color, placement and style.

Thank you for your continuous support and the empathy you have given.You have a loyal customer for life! Experience It!”

Randy Moore Moore Financial Services Corp. Sunlife –  Saskatoon, SK

“I had Bridget Saraka, come to my office for a feng shui consultation. I was very impressed with Her professional and detailed approach .We had some areas in the office that just did not feel right. With Bridget’s suggestions we were able to warm up the reception area as well as make the entrance much more inviting as well as balance other areas of the office out. The true measure of the success of this consultation is stated over and over again when clients come in and say how good the office feels. It is also reinforced by the staff as they are proud to show of the office when friends come to visit.”

B. J. Saskatoon, SK

“Divorcing with 30 years of memories and a house completely decorated by an old life; enters Bridget Saraka, with her expertise and insight, transformed into new vital experiences and start for me. I thank Bridget for being able to accomplish what I once thought was impossible, creating an inviting, comfortable home I am now proud to bring new people and old friends into.

I highly recommend Bridget to anyone going through a major change in their lives, or just want to change their space up to make a statement about who they are and where they are going. Thanks again for everything Bridget.”

Cheryl McNally Manager, Royal University Hospital –  Saskatoon, SK

“Following the feng shui consultation with Bridget, I became very aware of what works in relation to our ward and space. Bridget genuinely cares about making a difference to our patients and staff and she truly has. We continue to make her suggested improvements and are watching the positive changes happen. I believe that Bridget’s knowledge and compassion will bring balance to your space whether it be a hospital, office, home or yard.”