Space Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies by Bridget

Does your space support how you most desire to feel?

My most popular service by far!

Space Clearing and Blessings Ceremonies are the #1 Clients Service that I provide domestically and internationally via both onsite and distantly. I offer an extremely powerful Feng Shui Space Clearing + Blessing Ceremony method that has repeatedly surpassed client’s previous costly attempts of releasing extreme environmental trauma and horrific historical events.

  • Have you recently gone through a divorce?
  • Are you feeling anxious and depressed?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut and have difficulty moving forward?
  • Are there areas in your home or workplace that “just don’t feel right”?
  • Does your property have a shady past?
  • Do you have unwanted guest? (aka ghost/paranormal activity)?

Did you Know?

Many of my clients choose to secure seasonal Space Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies to support their families through life’s changes. They understand the importance of maintaining a clear and high environmental vibration is key to managing the ups and downs of everyday life.

Everyday is an evolution and your space should evolve to support how you most desire to feel.

New Beginnings

When I say space clearing, I don’t mean clearing your clutter. I mean going beyond what meets the eye. Ever hear the saying that the past will come back and haunt you? Well, there are various interpretations of this phrase but over and over again our experience mirror this sentiment. Countless experts have studied how one’s environment contributes to the conditions of our lives. Bruce Lipton states that “our cells are controlled by the condition of their environment.” It’s all one and the same.

Where is the meter, the measuring stick? Right where you are. If you continue to have the same experiences after numerous attempts to “right” your world, perhaps it’s time to take things to a higher level.

I offer a unique layering method of space clearing where my techniques have been successful in transforming daily life emotional and physical disturbances, horrific traumatic residual energies from residential, commercial buildings and acreages. When other methods have failed by others the techniques I offer have been consistently successful.

A space clearing is a powerful force that inspires profound environmental transformation while healing land and home. Many clients receive powerful benefits from a Personal Clearing during the Space Clearing Consultations as it assists in releasing none-beneficial attributes that no-longer serve their highest good.

9 Additional Reasons to call for a 911 Space Clearing?

Before, During and After…

1. Build
2. Renovation
3. Illness
4. Divorce
5. Death
6. Suicide
7. Karma
8. Trauma
9. You Have Ghosts or Paranormal Activity

Combine a Space Clearing with a Hybrid Feng ShuiTM Consultation to inspire infinite possibilities.

Don’t be shy. I’ve pretty much heard it all. Space Clearing FAQ’s

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