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The 7 Energy Bodies of the Aura

There are 7 Energy Bodies that create our auric field. These 7 energy bodies consist of 4 Spiritual Bodies and the 3 Personality Bodies which correlate to the 7 Chakras of the physical body. A daily meditation or mantra can help to keep our auric field clear of non-beneficial energy forms and psychic chords.

The 4 Spiritual Bodies

The 4 Spiritual Bodies; are the bridge between physical matter and spiritual vibrations. These 4 Spiritual Bodies are also known as our Compassionate Bodies where intuition and trust begin to develop at a deeper level. We move from, thinking and feeling too trusting, knowing and be-ing.

7th + The Divine Body

The Divine Body is the seventh level and can be seen as gold and crystalline light, this is where we are one with all of Creation. Through the Divine Body all things are possible. Here we are not separate nor alone, “I Am All that I Am.”

6th + The Monadic Body

The Monadic Body is a beautiful pearl colour and is otherwise known as the Soul Level. This is where Divine Wisdom and guidance expresses themselves. This is the karmic level where all Soul experiences in all existence and all timelines is held. It is here that all cellular memory is stored in the Akashic records. This is the level of manifestation.

5th + The Atmic Body

The Atmic Body is the 5th of the energy bodies, appears as the colour blue and is where source and matter meet. This is where the Blueprint of Divine Health is transformed. This is the level we begin to experience a deeper sense of self and an alignment of life purpose where intention and experience dance together.

4th + The Astral Body

The Astral Body is the 4th of the energy bodies, appears rose in colour and resonates with the heart chakra and unconditional love.

The 3 Personality Bodies

The 3 Personality Bodies; are the closest to our physical body and consist of the Physical Body, Emotional Body and the Mental Body.

2nd + The Emotional Body

The Emotional Body is the 2nd of the energy bodies, appears white and resonates to “I feel.”

1st + The Physical Body

The Physical Body is the 1st of the energy bodies and to those who can see often appears extending 4 inches beyond the physical body as a pale blue or grey and resonates to the physical function of our existence,
“I matter.”

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