Throat Chakra

Do you have trouble speaking your truth?  Your Throat Chakra may be a wee bit out of balance. Here are a just a few Lifestyle Tips to help bring balance to your Throat Chakra.

Throat Chakra known as the throat chakra resonates with the thyroid gland and the colour blue. This is a chakra that many women in particular find an imbalance. It is the center where we learn to speak our truth. Historically we have been raised to hold our tongues and suppress our thoughts and emotions. As a result we may also suffer from digestive disorders of the 3rd and 2nd chakra’s. So ladies it is time to find our voices and learn to speak with kindness, integrity, compassion and Love.

Emotional signs of imbalance are fear of speaking the truth, being mocked; speaking with ridicule, judgement and sarcasm. To bring harmony and balance to the throat chakra remember to speak in love. “Love is patient, Love is kind, Love is gentle, Love is not rude, Love is not boastful.” – Corinthians 13

Physical sings of imbalance are thyroid, ear, nose, throat and headache conditions.

Bringing Balance to the Root Chakra: Breathe deep through the nose, exhaling from the mouth. Sounding the keys we were taught in kindergarten. “do, ray, me fa so la te do, do, te, la, so, fa, me ray, do.” Sing like a bird, sing out loud. Smile and be glad in it.

Throat Chakra Properties

Fifth Chakra

Mantra: Ham
Life Association:
Physical Location:
Endocrine Glands:
Anatomy & Physiology:
Throat, Ears, Mouth
Physical Imbalance:
Thyroid Conditions, Mouth & Ear Issues
Emotional Expression:
Speaking ones truth from a place Higher Consciousness
Emotional Imbalance:
Frustration & Anxiety
Supporting Gemstones:
Lapis, Sodalite
Supporting Essential Oils:
Sandalwood & Frankincense
Feng Shui Gua:
Children & Creativity