Heart Chakra

Suffering from a broken heart?  Your Heart Chakra may be a wee bit out of balance. Here are a just a few Lifestyle Tips to help bring balance to your Heart Chakra.

Heart Chakra resonates with the heart and the thymus, it is represented by the colour green or pink. The heart chakra is a quiet place of un-conditional love and acceptance.  It is from here we express compassion and bridge from emotional turmoil to universal love. This is the bridging point between the lower earthly chakras and the higher heavenly chakras. This is the center where loneliness is felt and separation is experienced. Open your heart to your glorious Divinity.  Here you bridge Spirit and matter.

Emotional signs of imbalance are confusion and dis-satisfaction between the head and heart. One may experience difficulty accepting, receiving and giving love to self and others.

Physical Signs of imbalance are heart, lung, breasts, bronchial and immune conditions. Support the heart chakra with visualization and meditation; wear a Rose Quartz to help bring balance and harmony home. “I Am grateful to resonate to the frequency of love. Love Lives Here Now.”

Bringing Balance to the Root Chakra: If you’re feeling a wall of pressure within your heart concentrate on the colour green or pink. Visualize balloons of love surrounding all names, faces; situations that are causing you dis-ease. With the most benevolent of thoughts set all your balloons free. Fill the space they resided in with pure golden light.

Heart Chakra Affirm:  “I Am grateful to resonate to the frequency of love. Love Lives Here Now.”

Heart Chakra Properties

Forth Chakra

Mantra: Yam
Green & Pink
Life Association:
Compassion, Bridging
Heaven & Earth

Physical Location:
Heart Center
Endocrine Glands:
Anatomy & Physiology:
Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems, Arms & Hands Issues
Physical Imbalance:
Heart & Lung Disease, Breast Health & Immune Disorders, Chronic Fatigue
Emotional Expression:
Love, Truth, Integrity
Emotional Imbalance:
Trust Issues & Loss of Clarity
Supporting Gemstones:
Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Emerald
Supporting Essential Oils:
Rose, Jasmine
Feng Shui Gua:
Love, Marriage & Relationship