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Feng Shui Front Door Colour Reference Guide

The colour of your front door creates a mood and sends a strong message. I’ve created this Feng Shui Frond Door Colour Reference Guide Infographic as a means to inspire you to get a little creative with your curb appeal.


Pink is all about the love. Home is Where the Heart is, is the perfect welcome sign for a home with a pink front door.


A red front door makes a strong statement that speaks of confidence and power.


A violet front door lends itself to a high vibrational home where the owners have a strong spiritual connection.


A turquoise front door speaks of a calm, tranquil sophistication where the residence have a fun, carefree, creative nature.


A blue front door speaks of a calm confidence where those who reside within love knowledge and have a strong faith.


A green front door speaks of abundance and the healing energy of nature. Those residing in a home with a green door strive for balance and harmony in all aspect of life.


A yellow front door represent joy and a free spirit. Yellow says “Hello! Welcome, We are so happy you are here! Come stay awhile.”


An orange front door speaks of spontaneity and creativity. Those residing in a home with an orange door are often fun-loving and carefree.


A grey front door speaks of a cool sophistication. Those residing in a home with a grey front door may have a sharp mind and socializing with individuals of an analytical nature.


A white front door speaks of purity and safety. Those residing in a home with a white front door may have tendencies towards perfection while being inflexible in their way of thinking.


A black front door speaks of elegance. Those residing in a home with a black door may be deep thinkers that lean towards melancholy due to their empathic nature. Black offers a sense of protection from the outside world.

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