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Eleven Feng Shui Energy Enhancers

In this infographic, I share a brief synopsis on the element association and use for each of these Eleven Energy Enhancers.

I am not one for traditional Chinese Feng Shui Cures. I find they are far too difficult to introduce into most design styles. I prefer to introduction (when appropriate and necessary) more contemporary Feng Shui Energy Enhancers into a space. Although my first Feng Shui Design choice is to use carefully resourced home decor and design accessories, I will on occasion implement one of the following more contemporary energy enhancers. It is my experience that each of these can be seamlessly introduced into any design style.

Hanging Crystals

  • Hanging round faceted crystals represent the water element. Hang a round faceted crystal to transform, enhance, attract, activate, disperse, mitigate or modulate the energy of a space.


  • Water features represent the water element. Place a water feature in the Career & Life Path and Wealth & Prosperity Gua to attract abundance. Creating a sense of calm water features provide an opportunity for deep reflection and clarity while purifying and refreshing a space.


  • Mirrors represent the water element. When introducing a mirror into your Feng Shui Design it is best to be mindful of your intentions and what is being reflected. Mirrors are used to attract, activate, enhance, expand, reflect, redirect and control energy.

Wind Chimes

  • Hang a wind chime to create a division between opposing energies, or to raise, activate, attract, calm, clear or protect a space. Hang indoors to raise the vibration of a space or hang outside to draw attention to a specific gua. Hung with intentions wind chimes help to raise your voice so the universe may hear more clearly your heartfelt desires.

Movement Objects

  • Hang a mobile, dream catcher, windsock or whirligig in a specific gua to activate, raise and mitigate the energy in either an outdoor or an indoor space. Chose materials that represent the associated
    gua and corresponding elements in which the moving object is placed.


  • Light such as natural, electric and candlelight represents the fire element. Fire up the fire element when you want to illuminate, activate, energize or draw attention to a specific intention, gua or space


  • Each colour represents one of the 5 elements within the Bagua and the Chakra system. Colour used on walls and in home decor accessories sets a mood and vibration frequency while holding your intentions. Colour can strongly induce a mood and feeling.


  • Wall art, sculptures, statuary and pottery provide visual anchors to set intentions while representing a single or a combination of one of the 5 elements. Choose artwork that is gua specific to make your home a living breathing 3D vision board.


  • Pets represent the fire element. They raise the vibrational frequency of a space. Brings joy and love to heart ans home.


  • Plants represent the wood element. Supporting health and well-being plants purify and filter environmental toxins. Introduce plants to your home to bring life to a room while returning a space back to its natural balance.

Natural Objects

  • Depending on their composition natural elements such as gemstones, rocks, sea shells and drift wood can represent one of the 5 elements while enhancing the associate gua in which the objects is placed.

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Feng Shui Energy Enhancers Infrographic by Bridget Saraka

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