Feng Shui Design Inspiration

Where does your Feng Shui Design Inspiration come from?

My girlfriend, who started as a client my first year in business and I were discussing style changes when I was helping her move recently.

“It’s crazy how your design style shifted once you moved.” She said

“Crazy.” I giggled as we shift her decor from cottage beachy to modern shabby chic.

“What was the inspiration for your major transformation? Was it your new house?” she asked as her decor shifted around her new kitchen glass mosaic backsplash.

“No, it was the round coffee table I bought off Kijiji for $60.00 months before we even put the old house up for sale. I had a vision of what I wanted in a floorplan and knew that the coffee table would be perfect for the space.

It had been a round dining table that was re-envisioned as a coffee table. It had already been distressed, saving me time and energy. The gal I bought it from shared her distressing method of which inspired all my DIY furniture refreshes.

Still in the old house I then I found the dining room set for $350.00 with the china cabinet, hutch and 6 chairs. I painted and distressed everything besides the dining table before the old house even sold. It stayed in the garage until we moved.

I literally found a home that would house the coffee table and the dining room set!” lol

The inspiration truly is my family. I wanted a home that would be perfect for our Sunday Family Dinners and be walking distance to my grandchildren. As we were downsizing the floor plan had to be open with lots of light.

We wouldn’t even look at a house that faced north, nor had small windows.

The round coffee table is grandchildren friendly. It’s easy to walk around without the risk of bumping against sharp corners, and I have space to tuck little chairs in around the edges so the wee ones can colour and play at the table.

I love hearing “Grampy, will you play, play doe with me, please? Can you please make a Gruffalo?” This is what home feels like.

P.S. I know that an area rug anchors a room. But we have 3 small dogs, and they think an area rug is in house grass. So for now in this season of life. We live with no area rug. lol