Feng Shui Inspired Spaces with Vintage Treasures

My inspirations shift based on what chapter of my life I’m in. I usually have a 7 year cycle, going through not only a major life change be it a career shift, change in family dynamics, I tend to change my clothing style to suit my mood with a short reprieve before doing a slow and methodical overhaul of our home.

I’m fortunate that my Honey and family enjoy going along with the flow. The arrival of your granddaughter 2 years ago inspired our move to our new home, my resignation from the CEO position with the International Feng Shui Guild and a major reassessment of how I wanted our home to feel and look.

So Vienna and the new grandbabies to come are the inspiration for the vignettes I create from the curb, front entrance to the back garden there are little treasures hidden in plain sight. Much like the wooden Scrabble letters tumbled into this vintage brass and glass candy dish tucked in under the palm that fans over our favourite chair.

“Let’s get cozy, cozy Grammie.” She says snuggling up on my lap reaching for the letters. “This is a V for Vienna. That’s me.”

“Yes, Honey, V is for Vienna and that’s you. You know what Vienna?”

“I love you.”

“Yes, I love you so so much Vienna. I love being cozy, cozy with you Vienna. V I E N N A.” We sing. “That spells Vienna.”

Cozy, Cozy, it’s the look and feel that inspires every Feng Shui Design detail as we sit in The Family & Health Gua making memories I hope she’ll look back on when she’s my age. Much like how I think of so many pages of my life spent getting cozy, cozy, with my grandpa.

What inspires your Feng Shui Design?