Feng Shui by Bridget How to Create an Altar to Activate Your Heartfelt Desires

I have a confession to make, yes, here I am probably oversharing, I don’t believe in vision boards.

GASP!!!! I know! I can feel you rolling your eyes, but hear me out and here’s why.

Sure vision boards might help you get clear on the things you think you want but after the glues dried and you’re left cleaning up the paper scraps and toting the now trashed magazines to the recycled bin do you really want to hang that 22 1⁄2 in × 28 1⁄2 inch bristol board full of paper cutouts on your fridge, bedroom + closet + office walls or vanity mirror? I know I don’t!

Although that clipping from the travel magazine may slightly depict my dream, vacation I don’t need the constant reminder that my butt is never going to look like the bikini-clad 20 something gal’s in the stock photo designed to sell me the dream of a dream life. Even in my dreams, nor with the help of photoshop has my butt been something I’d want to be hung on my walls! Now that being said I just simply don’t like the look and feel of a vision board even with all the charms and trinkets now available to embellish and distract from the lifelessness of the so-called dream.

I much prefer to view every single surface of my home, from the walls to the table tops, to the expanse of my bed as a canvas to create 3D vignettes to hold my intentions for an inspired life well lived.

My coffee table isn’t just a place to put my coffee or stack a life-time’s worth of never read magazines. It’s a place to create an altar to hold the vision I have for myself and for my family.

A pair of vintage cranes speaks of happiness, eternal youth, longevity and good fortune and unity with the one you love.

A crystal decanter full of crayons lets my granddaughter know she’s special and invites her to explore her creativity while giving her a safe place to express herself and that yes, she sparkles brightly in her own light.

White pillar candles invite family and friends to settle in and get cozy and say I see your light and you will always be welcome here.

A pairing of succulents in milk glass vases honour family, lineage reminding me to tend not only to my own needs but the needs of others.

The layering of the mirrored trays add depth and illustrates the need to be fluid in my way of being and thinking and reminds me that one’s perceptions can quickly be shattered when studied from a new point of reference.

A stack of books may appear only to give depth and dimension to what could only be perceived to others as an inspiring tablescape represent the knowledge I’ve gained on my journey and the wisdom yet to be integrated through my experiences.

This my friends is a living breathing example of intentional design. It’s not fashioned out of the latest and greatest designer trends purchased from HomeSense or Way Fair although if that’s, you’re vibe than who am I to say you’re out of alignment. I’m not. You do you.

I’m only sharing that even your coffee table can be a sacred space where dreams can come to life rather than curl at the corners and yellow on the walls.

Here’s another little Bridget izzums, the magic really happens when you marry Feng Shui Design + The Living Love Manifesto to your altar. That’s the secret beyond The Secret.

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