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The Characteristic of The Five Clairs

We are all born sentient beings with the ability to feel empathy and compassion for all living beings. Unique as a fingerprint the degree of sensitivity and development of the Five Clairs is unique to our personal energy imprint. As sentient beings we have all of The Five Clairs, however all may not be fully developed for some people although many may have 1 or 2 dominate characteristics, others may struggle with being over sensitive as all five are fully on high alert.

I have created the following Five Clair Infographic as a means to provide clarity to your unique energetic sensitivities.

Claircognizance + Clear Knowing

  • I know things that I cannot explain from where they come.
  • I trust in those things in which I know are inspired in Divine Guidance.

Your 7th + Crown Chakra are aligned to your Divine Knowing. Wear Clear Quartz Crystal to strengthen your connection to Universal Wisdom.

Clairaudience + Clear Hearing

  • I hear beyond this frequency
  • I receive messages that others do not hear
  • I am in communication with Divine Communication
  • I hear the truth behind your words as there is a frequency in tone that cannot be hidden behind your smile.

Your 6th Charka + 3rd Eye are open and alert. Wear Lapis Lazuli to you reduce external static while fine-tuning your frequency so the messages you receive are clear and concise so that you may know from where they come.

Clairvoyance + Clear seeing

  • I perceive impressions through time and space.
  • I may see with both my eyes and my mind.
  • I see form and formless.

Your 6th Charka and 3rd Eye are wide open. Wear Tansonite to you discern the messages presented to you.

Clairempathy + Clear feeling

  • My body is a barometer in which I feel into people, places, things, words, times and events.
  • I am one with All.
  • I feel your emotions, pain and suffering.

Your 4th Charka and Heart center are sensitive to the feelings of people, places, times and event. Wear Rose Quartz transform all heartache.

Clairsentient + Clear Senses

  • I have a sense of clear knowingness
  • My 5 senses speak to me; speak through me of people, places, times and events.
  • In doing so I often shoulder the burden that is not necessarily my own.
  • I ask you to please be mindful of the energy you emote. Thank you.

Your 3rd Chakra + Solar Plexus are extremely sensitive. Wear Agate to balance and protect you from non-beneficial energies.

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