Feng Shui Jasmine Essential Oil

A stunning scent and one of my personal favorites Jasmine is excellent for self-nurturing in times when you feel you are feeling a bit less-than-perfect. The soft sweet scent helps one to move through feelings of self-doubt, nervous anxiety and physical and mental fatigue.

A few drops worn with carrier oil behind the ear and or wrists can help balance one’s emotional well-being by raising their frequency to that of trust and confidence.

A perfect enhancement for the Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Gua Jasmine Essential Oil assists one in understanding their true desires through intuitive guidance. Six drops placed in a diffuse beside your meditation space will help remove emotional barriers while aiding in clear insights.

A natural antidepressant Jasmine Essential Oil helps one understand that their current circumstances do not have to rule their life by offering insights into how to take responsibility and purposeful action to self-empowerment guided by their Divine Knowing.

The tiny white, delicate leaves of the Jasmine Flower tell of its exotic purity and soft nature. May the sweet, gentle Living Essence of Jasmine Essential Oil bring purity and peace to your life.