Feng Shui Lemon Essential Oil

There is nothing that smells like clean like Lemon Essential Oil known for its cleansing abilities Lemon promotes feelings of optimism accompanied with clarity and sense of purpose. A few drops of Lemon Essential Oil in a diffuser or in your favorite homemade hand mister can help raise ones physical and mental energy while dispelling lethargy.

A natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and disinfectant Lemon Essential Oil is an awesome addition to any home’s cleaning products. Mixing some in our natural cleaning solutions will take your daily chores to another level. Safe for children and pets you will feel confident in knowing you’ve infusing your sacred space with the crystal clean essence of Lemon Essential Oil.

The sweet citrus scent acts as an antidepressant and promotes joy and happiness.

Promoting overall well-being a diffuser of Lemon Essential Oil placed in the center of the home in the Center of Health Gua will bring balance and harmony to a home.

May your home sparkle!