Feng Shui Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

If you’ve been feeling exceptionally self-confident and self-critical then YlanYlang Essential Oil could be better than coffee-talk with a girlfriend. The highly sensuously, seductive scent of Ylang Ylang turns off one’s self-loathing mind chatter and turns on their libido.

Promoting feelings of unconditional self-love and love of others Ylang Ylang is amazing when added to an Epson Salts bath. Blended with carrier oil such as almond, olive or coconut a little dab will do you when messaged into the erogenous zones behind the ear, nape of the neck, clavicle, nipples, inner thigh, back of knee and arch of the foot. The tingling sensation of Ylang Ylang on the skin is very arousing and the heady scent intoxicating.

You will be delighted you added the Living Essence of Ylang Ylang to your treasure trove of Essential Oils.

May joyful pleasure be yours.