Feng Shui Rose Essential Oil

There’s nothing more heady and erotic than the scent of roses! A symbol of love throughout centuries Rose is considered an aphrodisiac as it helps to drops ones defenses and in stills feelings of euphoria and optimism. Even the shyest individuals will gain confidence and purpose while carrying a bouquet of roses.

To breathe life into a fading or troubled relationship use a few drops of Rose Essential Oils in a diffuser or your daily bottle of room mister. Or sprinkle a few drops into a small decanter of Epson salts and leave open on the nightstand.

Representing unconditional love of self and others Rose Essential Oil will help to remove apathy and indifference. A calming and comforting scent I love to use Rose Essential Oils in all my blessing ceremonies when added to a few of my other favorites it has the power to lift the spirits of my clients while raising the energy of their space.

If you feel you’re home and spirit could benefit from a burst of the frequency of Love add Rose Essential Oil to your daily ritual by way of spritzing, misting or even bathing. An Epson Salts bath with Rose Essential oils is beautiful way to infuse the highest source of Love into your being. May Love Live Here Now!

Considered to be of the highest vibrational frequency of all essential oils Rose essential oil is excellent for any gua. Due to its symbolism of love it is the perfect scent for the Love, Marriage & Relationship Gua as well as that of the Family & Health Gua. Where there is unconditional love there is forgiveness and opportunities for deep growth and healing.

Often associated with the 4th Chakra, that of the Heart Chakra Rose Essential oil can be used with carrier oil such as almond, olive or coconut and worn as a therapeutic blend to help bring balance and harmony to the emotional di-ease subconsciously held within the physical heart. The results have the potential to be profoundly powerful.

May the scent of Rose Essential Oil bring the living essence of unconditional Love and compassion to your heart and home.