Solutions for the 4 Most Challenging Bed Placements

#1 Bed in Direct Alignment with the Door

Hang a Feng Shui round faceted crystal from the ceiling 2-3 inches below the door frame and half way between the door and the foot of the bed.

#2 Head of Bed in Direct Alignment with Door

Close the bedroom door before retiring for the evening.

#3 Head of Bed on the Same Wall as the Door

Place a mirror on the wall across from the door so that the person sleeping closest to the door may see who is entering the room should they sleep with their back to the door.

#4 Bed Across from En-suite/Bathrooms

Hang a curtain in the door frame if there is no door to close.

You’ve got this! Apply the solution that best suites your needs and watch what transpires.

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