3 Feng Shui Bedroom Ceiling Challenges


#1 Beams/Logs Over the Bed

From a Feng Shui perspective, ceiling beams and logs over the bed are considered less-than-excellent design features as they have the potential to cause a number of health challenges due to the weight and pressure they create.


As a means to energetically erasing the effects of beams and logs 9″ in diameter or less that hang 9 feet or lower are best painted the same colour as the ceiling.

#2 Ceiling Fan Over Bed

If you’re without central air-conditioning, or prefer to save on your energy bill, I will be the last person to recommend that you remove your ceiling fan. After all comfort and safety are the #1 cardinal rules of Feng Shui.


Paint the blades the same color as the ceiling to mitigate their effect.

#3 Slanted + Gabled Ceilings

Spaces such as these often feel as though a body is under-pressure as the walls feel as though they are closing /collapsing in on themselves.


Paint the slanted ceiling/gabled ends the same color as the walls to give the illusion of expanding the space. Choose a light neutral such as Sherwin Williams Creamy or Bohemian White.

If you have a room that any one of these Ceiling Design Challenges applies to implement the most appropriate remedy to transform your space. You will be amazed how well your overall health and well-being improves.

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