Avoid Oversized Bedroom Furniture Guide


When it comes to the bedroom size does matter. If there isn’t enough room to move around freely the odds are your furniture is either far too big for the space and or you have far too much furniture for the size of the space. This guide will help you choose your furniture pieces wisely.

Bed Too Big + Accessories Too Small

The bed is considered the most important feature in a bedroom and when a bed is too BIG for a space it can dominate the room making it feel congested. Like you, rooms need to breathe.

Bed Too Small + Accessories Too Big

When accessories are too BIG the bed becomes dwarfed with side tables, lamps and artwork towering over those sleeping creating an oppressive and overwhelming feeling.


In addition to choosing compatible design styles it is equally important to choose furniture and accessories that are compatible in scale.

The tops of nightstands should measure to the same height as the height of the mattress. You should not have to reach up or down for items placed on the nightstand.

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