Feng Shui + Why the Wealth & Prosperity Gua May Not be the end-all-be-all to Attracting Abundance

One of the most overlooked guas is Knowledge and Self- Cultivation (front left 3rd when facing in from your architectural front door). Most people crave career satisfaction, long to attract a life partner or enhance their cash flow so they’ll only call or look at enhancing the guas associated with those life areas. But….and it’s a BIG but, if you don’t have the deep wisdom and knowledge to cultivate, secure and attract your desired experiences, it may be an uphill climb where you’re 3 steps up and 4 steps back. The results can be frustrating and exhausting when they don’t need to be.

When it comes to applying feng shui design to your spaces, it’s important to 👀 look at the balance of each Gua as they all support each other as a working system.

Activating the water element in your career Gua is helpful for clarity and movement. But knowing what you want and how to achieve it is another thing.

Filling the Relationship Gua with romantic vignettes is helpful in attracting a life partner but….the healing of old trespasses, knowing and loving yourself unconditionally is the key to experiencing a healthy, loving relationship that is aligned to that which is in your highest good.

Painting gold rocks and filling your Wealth Gua with money Buddha’s may attract abundance but if you don’t know how to save and cultivate what’s coming in you may find it all seeping through your fingers.

If any of this rings true for you, you may want to take a look at your Knowing and Self-cultivate Gua.
Here’s how to activate it;

1. This Gua is associated with the earth element particularly the mountain energy so introduce home decor furniture and accessories that represent it such as;
a) paint and fabrics in earth tones
b) artwork or furnishings that depict a mountain/s or lush landscapes. Preferably not dry, barren vistas.
2. Books on the subject of your first priority or interest.
3. Home decor furniture and accessories that are square or rectangle in shape
4. Accessories or flower pots in pottery or earthenware
5. Furniture and accessories that feel grounded and are stable
6. Gemstones such as amethyst and clear quartz crystal
7. accents in blues and greens
8. artwork and statuary that depict the Cultivation of know both of the spiritual and an earth plane nature

Check out the before and after of this room design here. Two looks both are Feng Shui Balanced and Designed to Cultivate Knowledge and Self-Cultivation.

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