Must Love Cats! – Feng Shui Tips on Dealing with an Unsightly Cat Tree

Client “so what do I do with the cat tree?” This things the size of a love seat and sitting in front of the living room windows full of hair and shredded jute twine. You know the look.

I think before I speak. Thanking my mom for teaching me to do so. I tap into my personal code of ethics of lead with my heart and do no harm. I have 3 dogs smaller than these cats. I love my pets who sit on the back of my love seat and look out the window like it’s a big screen 📺. I get it. But their perch is always clean, and people can share the space as the love seat isn’t a big old awkward, ugly eyesore like a cat tree. Why can’t someone build a pretty cat tree?

“Do you love it?
Do the cats use it?
Do you need more seating for guests? If so, can you move the cat tree to another room by another window that is more private?
Such as a spare bedroom, office or den?

If another room isn’t an option and you don’t like the look of the cat tree, what if you cleaned it up and nestled a variety of cat-safe plants of different heights around the cat tree to camouflage it and make it feel like a natural habitat?”

“My cats will eat and dig in the plants!”

“Then I recommend faux plants. There are so many nice ones that are so life-like you have to touch them to know they’re not.”

“I thought it was bad Feng Shui to have fake plants?”

Do you like plants?”

“Yes, but between my brown thumb and the cats they’d be dead in a week.”

“It’s good Feng Shui to create vignettes that are visually appealing and hold your intentions in place. So let’s give you and the cats something you all will like by camouflaging the tree with good quality faux plants.

The cats will have what they like and need, and you’ll have something pretty to look at. You’ll just have to keep them all clean to keep it a positive enhancement and not an energetic liability.

As for faux being bad Feng Shui I say let’s not give that any energy and let’s focus on creating something pretty that works for everyone.

What do you think of this solution to your dilemma?

“I like it and think it will work! It would be nice to look at plants in front of the window rather than that eyesore.”

“God inspired the creation of faux plants so how can they be a bad thing?.”

“Can’t the same be said for cat trees?”

“Hmm, lol, yes.

But again, he made ticks, and no one knows why?

At least cat trees, although not pretty they are useful to cats.”

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