Feng Shui Home Numbers Myth Buster

“Did you see that Bridget Saraka of Feng Shui by Bridget put her house numbers vertical? And she calls herself an expert!!!! Oh, and look at all those 4s! Doesn’t she know anything!!!!!!”

Yes, yes I do call myself an expert and yes I see all our 4s, and my passion is busting common Feng Shui Myths and modelling how Feng Shui can be integrated into any design style. So here’s my Myth Busters for the day


1. They say that vertical house numbers put pressure on the bottom numbers and that the best placement is to install them horizontally.

Horizontal placement falls into alignment with reading left to rights which makes sense if you have the room to place your house numbers in that fashion.

But couldn’t it be said that the bottom number creates a solid foundation for the others and that together they all reach for high vibes? hmmm….

Now, if we fall prey to the fear shui myth of vertical placement; that vertical is oh my GOSH BAD FENG SHUI because the bottom number is under the pressure of the top numbers then couldn’t be we apply the same fear shui to horizontal numbers? And say that the last number is not respected because it’s last in line, or something equally ridiculous? Oh, but the rationale thinking behind the horizontal placement is that there is equality between the numbers because they are all on the same line.

Can’t you just see all those horizontal numbers fighting for first place like kindergarten kids fighting to be line at the water fountain? Or just picture the lineups on Sunday at Costco! I want to be first!!!!

Let’s get practical, left to right or vertical, I say go with what works for your space and your design style.

Here’s what is important about house numbers in my mind;
1. That your home has them so that visitors will find you.
2. That they are clearly defined, are legible from the street and not camouflaged in the siding or brick of your home.
3. That they compliment your home and represent your design style.
4. That they are an appropriate size and scale for the location in which they are installed.
5. That they are clear and well light so they can be seen at night.

2. The myth about the number 4 being BAD FENG SHUI!

How can a number possible be bad? Let’s get real and break this down.

In Cantonese, one dialect of Chinese of which there are 7 the number 4 sounds like death when spoken. So out of 6500 languages in the world, only one gives the #4 a bad wrap and that’s the one we’re all going to buy into!

And, and what happens when someone is 4 years old, or 40 or 44????? Does life stop!!!!! Really, is this what you want to buy into?

Not me. How about you?

Tomorrow, I’ll do a tutorial on how to identify the numerology of your home and the resonance of each number.

It’s an easy process, and it’s fun to look at the energy of numbers without all the fear shui clouding their brilliance.