Feng Shui Front Porch Refresh

When it comes to enhancing the exterior of our front entryways, we tend to breeze through spring as it’s often a short transitional season. I’ve been guilty of this as well focusing more on fall, Christmas and summer Feng Shui decor. But this year I’ve been inspired to infuse our space with a lot of spring love. I’m not doing Easter accessories but creating vignettes that remind me of growing up in the woods of Thunder Bay, Ontario where the Pussy Willows were one of the first signs of warmer weather and longer days. I love the scent of spring and Poplar bark. My dad used to make whistles for all the kids in the neighbourhood from Poplar branches by somehow loosening the bark and whittling the ends. I need to ask him how he did it…

I took a bit of a walk down a rural road in our neighbourhood and pruned some low hanging branches from a poplar tree dangling over the ditch. I love the arching flow of the branches. I couldn’t find any real Pussy Pillows so I paired some Dollarama faux ones I had in my stash and arranged the lot in an old thrifted enamel pitcher filled with Epson Salts that work to keep our space clear as well as a good foundation to keep everything from blowing around in these prairie winds. Even up close they look real!

Oh, how I love Spring.