4 Feng Shui Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer as we’re moving into the season of yin domination. Many of us feel ourselves slipping into the emotional currents of what I consider as Post Summer Depression likened to SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I’m a sun baby, you will find me most sunny days out back in my personal oasis either gardening or moving around the patio furniture like a sun dial as I write my Feng Shui articles. I’m a solar panel, energized and enchanted by the golden rays of Ra, Helios and Horus. I’m a slave to the yang allure of summer and the rising sun as it shines a light on my inner passions for all things vibrant and alive. As this summer fling ends, I’m left deflated like a frost bitten pansy my head hanging low, eyes downcast into the emotional deep dark shadows of my emotional body.

What I know to be true is that I am not alone in the symptoms that start with the descent of these low UV Rays. What I do understand as a Feng Shui Consultant is that we have the opportunity to lessen the effects of this seasonal disorder by cultivating our inner ch’i through a healthy diet, supplements, physical activity and meditation. Appropriately and specifically enhancing our environmental ch’i can also elevate our emotional ch’i.

In North America of all places, when during the winter months and the sun slips beneath the frost line at 5 pm, it is the last place on earth we should be over indulging in the deep dark taupe’s, greys, espresso, granite and stainless steel of the new urban decorating trend. Yes, less is more, but when your home becomes lifeless it’s difficult to find your spark. What we’re creating with this muted pallet is a deeper, darker emotional cave that after a few weeks becomes difficult to emerge and by spring the cabin fever is hard to shake.

Simple Feng Shui tips to help raise the winter ch’i so that you don’t fall into a depression.

  1. Add colour. Vibrant, healthy greens and warm yellows help to raise the ch’i while controlling the earth element and reducing the metal element of today’s heavy trendy designer grey and depressing taupe’s. I’m not suggesting you go to the expense of painting your walls, I am suggesting you add soft, plush coloured textiles and accessories.
  2. Increase the lighting in the room. Open blinds and curtains during the day to maximize and lift the ch’i. Introduce a couple of floor lamps to dark corners.
  3. Mirrors strategically placed can increase natural light from windows. However, be careful when using mirrors, their placement is crucial. An incorrect placement can cause less-than-excellent results.
  4. Add living, breathing plants to the space. Plants have the capacity to cure a multiple of feng shui challenges. When choosing plants look for ones with broad rounded leaves. Also, think like Goldie Locks, not too small and not too big. Providing you have the space medium plants are usually just right.

Try these few simple Feng Shui tips to raise your emotional chi.

Snowy days and Monday’s won’t get you down soon you’ll be moving from SAD to GLAD!