Feng Shui What You Wear Has to Do With How You Manifest

Your body is the kingdom of your spirit and how you adorn it shows how you honor it and greatly impacts how you feel.

How you feel is the secret to how and what you manifest and attract into your experiences.

What’s under your clothes matters just as much as what’s on the surface.

Everything holds a frequency and the shape of things tell a story of the vibe it’s emoting and manifesting from.

Show the universe you care and desire high vibrations. Go through your drawers and ditch the undies that are warn, stained, frayed, stretched, too big, too small, and don’t look or feel good.

Comfortable can be pretty awesome.

When you feel beautiful your energy shifts, you stand taller and more confident.

When your vibe is high you attract high vibrational experiences.

It all matters. So make everything work to raise you up, not bring you down.

A little denim and lace can be a powerful manifesting tool.