Why Your Deity Collection is Keeping You in Poverty Consciousness

Do you know why spiritual entrepreneurs have the biggest challenge in creating the lifestyle to support how they most desire to feel?

My professional observation is that most of their personal spaces are far too yin and full of “Now Age” tchotchkes that they “think” will help them evolve and represent their spiritual development. All those spiritual deities present in statuary, wall hangings and artwork create spaces that are rather temple like which is in opposition to creating a balanced atmosphere designed to support both one’s internal journey as well as one’s external expression.

Although spiritual development may be your personal focus the energy of these deities and what they represent often are not in alignment with the desire to become financially prosperous in one’s career. Hence the financial crisis among many Spiritual entrepreneurs.

For many there is a conflict with one’s belief system around money and the integration with their spiritual development that is enforced in their environment by the deities occupying every nook and cranny of their homes.

When one studies the representation of these deities one will see that many gave up their desire for financial security to live a life of spiritual abundance. Few if any had financial abundance and lived luxuriously while needing a few thousand dollars a month “just to survive”. The time in which these deities lived was different then the times we live in now where financial abundance is needed to simply “make ends meet” not to mention the cash flow needed to thrive in this “now world”.

It is my observation that many of the spiritual guides we look up to for inspiration lived an imbalanced life, living in their higher chakras and not grounded in the world. Can you not have enlightenment with being grounded in the physical world? Is that not why we chose to arrive here? I think it is.

I’m not suggesting that you give up your deities. I am suggesting that you place a few chosen ones in the most appropriate guas within your home. Doing so will support your spiritual development without hindering your ability to live a financially affluent life where your spirituality and your ability to prosper in your life purpose align.

Here are my tips for all your spiritual deities, these go for, Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, Ganesha, etc.

Jesus although spiritual lived as a popper, he was the ultimate sofa surfer. Living off the graciousness of others to provide a place to rest his body and fill his belly with food and wine.  There’s nothing wrong with this lifestyle if you desire to live as a spiritual gypsy.

Buddha the symbol of ultimate in kindness towards others left his wife and life of riches to live under the Bodhi tree for seven years. There is no money Buddha’s. He gave it all up for enlightenment.

What if you can have both? Enlightenment and abundance. Let’s give up these outdated belief systems where;

>money is the root of all evil

>the path to enlightenment is one of suffering, etc…..

 Here are my deity idol tips:

  • If enlightenment is what you’re after move your deities to your Knowledge & Self-Cultivation gua.
  • If you’re asking for the assistance of your favorite spiritual guide to help you with manifesting your hearts desires place your idol in the Helpful People and Travel gua.

You will be astounded what transpires when you move your Buddha out of your Wealth and Prosperity Gua. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Not Sure where these Guas are in your home?

The following image will help you identify the location of each gua in your home.

Feng Shui Bagua Map