Day 1 of 2019’s 20 Day Clear the Clutter Challenge

Do you get ancy in January? Itching for a change? OMG, I do! My mind is abuzz with all kinds of inspirations but I know before I delve too deeply into any new projects it’s best I do a major purge of all “things” that we don’t love, use or are worn out and are broken.

I always start at the entranceway as the front door is the place in which all those universal feel-good vibrations arrive at our doorstep. I for one want to create a cozy, warm welcome for what this year has in store for us. I trust that our future is bright and beautiful and I want our home to reflect our heartfelt desires. Don’t you want the same?

Download the entire Purge + Clear Your Clutter Checklist Here.

YES, Please!