Feng Shui For Love Tip of The Day Volume #7

When it comes to attracting MR. Fantastically Right for you consider infusing your space with vignettes depicting coupledom. (There are two lovebirds in the artwork in our bedroom.)

Here’s a couple of suggestions –

Master Bedroom;
1. wall art of one of the following, 2 birds, 2 flowers, 2 chairs at the beach, a couple of two people (make sure that the couples are facing each other not away from each other.)
2. a pair of candles
3. statuary of two birds, a couple (pint all statuary towards each other, not away from each other as you want to inspire open communication)

Common Rooms (living room, dining room, en-suite)
In the right-hand corner of each of the above rooms mentioned, add one of Master Bedroom enhancements recommended.

It all matters. B💗