Feng Shui For Love Tip of The Day Volume #6

Are you struggling to attract Mr. Right?

If so you might want to pitch, ditch, burn (in a safe place of course) all your old journals that are filled with entries of your former intimate relationships. Those vibes just might be the psychic cords keeping you trapped in an old paradigm.

Years ago when going through my divorce I took a laundry basket full of journals, short stories, photos and cards down to Mission Island in Thunder Bay at 4am and had a huge bonfire 🔥 as the sun came up. I took a bottle of red wine, 2 wine glasses one for me and one for the Universe and toasted a new beginning.

I cried like I never cried in my life and felt cathartic in the release of what no longer served my heights good. For that entire day I thought I was going to die from the heartache and knew I was deep in the dark night of the soul. But it was the end of something built on broken glass and the beginning of something new and magical.

That burning ceremony was a HUGE step in my healing journey and bringing me closer to my twin flame. 💗💗