Feng Shui For Love Tip of The Day Volume #4

Your bed is a BIG SPONGE absorbing all the energies from the day, month, year/s, your emotions and intimate moments. If you’re looking to attract a new relationship or cultivate the one you’re in you may want to consider smudging your bed and bedroom with Palo Santo or Sage to give yourself a reset by clearing all the heavy vibes from what should be your sacred space.

It’s challenging to manifest your hearts desires when sleeping in a space filled with broken promises.

Try smudging daily for 27 days while setting your intentions for a clean fresh start.

Start at the head of the bed and 12 inches above the surface (to protect your bedding hold a bowl or abalone shell under your smudging tool to catch any ash), like reading swipe across the bed from left to right working your way down to the foot of the bed. If you can open a window to help with the release and the refresh.

Repeat 27 times (each day), visualizing your bed and bedroom infused with the highest source of Divine Love Light.

Repeat for 27 days.

Be mindful of what transpires throughout the days of your smudging and the 27 days post smudge. You might be surprised at what magic appears.ndsets hide.

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