Feng Shui and the Numerology of  Your Home

It’s a fun little exercise that looks at the vibrational number value of your address, particularly your house numbers.

Here’s how it works;

You simply add each digit to get a single digit. For example 442 becomes
4 + 4 + 2 = 10 = 1

If after adding each digit you end up with double digits such as this; for 444 you would get 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3. So your house would resonate to vibration of 3.

Although each number of your address has its own value, the house itself will have a full resonance of the final number. Ours is a 1.

I’m sharing the energy resonance for each number as a resource for you. It’s amazing how our homes and address truly mirror our lives.

0 Inner Gifts

Is all about the void of creation and the expression of one’s Inner Gifts. Those living in a zero home may have a need to start over and or a yearning for freedom and don’t like to be tied down or penned in.

1 New Beginnings, Creativity, Free Flow

Those of us living in a one home often are creative in nature and have a passion for living in alignment with their life path.

2 Balance & Harmony

A home with a two resonance is the perfect place to nurture and cultivate relationships. This home will feel like a big hug and always provide a warm welcome for family and friends.

3 Expression & Sensitivity

Those living in a three home may have empathic tendencies and a desire to be the peacekeepers. Family will often be the focus of this hearth and home.

4 Stability

A four home provides a solid foundation for building a happy, healthy and vibrant life. Those in a four home are solid, trustworthy people who support family and friends.

5 Freedom & Change

A home with a number value of 5 supports one’s desire for freedom for self-expression and discovery.

6 Vision & Acceptance

Six is a visionary number and perfect for those with bright ideas and great aspirations.

7 Trust & Openness

Seven is a spiritual number, those living in a 7 house may feel the desire to pursue a spiritual and religious life.

8 Abundance & Power

Those living in an 8 home will often be drawn to affluence and luxury.

9 Integrity & Wisdom

A nine home resonates to the end of a cycle and the celebration of rewards of one’s efforts. Those in a nine home will often be of high integrity and have great wisdom.