China Cabinet Spring Refresh

Hi, my name is Bridget and I’ve an addiction to thrifted, vintage China, milk glass, Ironstone, artwork…..well anything antique and shabby chic, boho and French Cottage Farmhouse 🙄!

I’m also a Feng Shui Expert who strives to balance the fine-line between curating carefully chosen treasures and curbing one’s hoarding tendencies.

It’s a real struggle!!!

So when my china cabinet became too full with milk glass and bone China I needed to take a close look at what I actually used versus what sat on the shelves neglected. Although, I love pretty things I’m also a very practical gal and only like to collect treasures that I’ll use.

Honestly the milk glass dishes and serving platters we used for our garden wedding had to go. There was just not enough room and we’ve not used them in 2 years! Putting them up for sale on Facebook Marketplace gave me an opportunity to give the china cabinet a spring refresh and curate the dishes we do use in a manner that highlights how pretty they are.

This feels better, more breathy and each piece shines on their own without being buried among the others.

Do you have a spot that needs a little breathing room, a little TLC? Maybe a spring refresh is what’s needed.