Center Piece Spring Refresh

When it comes to centrepieces or tablescapes I like to change things up seasonal, and of course, I do my best to;

1. Set my intention
2. Make sure it is elementally balanced

Here’s my process;

1. I like to use a tray for grounding the vignette. I prefer to use a tray that is the shape of the table it sits on. Such as round table = round tray.
2. I make sure there are height and dimensions in the accessories to draw the eye up and over the vignette
3. I do my best to keep the scale of the vignette below eye level when sitting so as not to interfere with visiting. You shouldn’t have to bob your head around a candle or vase to chat with your honey.
4. I try to arrange the vignette in a manner that no matter where you sit the view is pretty.
5. Depending on my mood and season I may choose a real plant + cut flowers or faux arrangement such as this as my focal-point.
6. I pairing a few of my favourite (in the mood) accessories to hold my intentions for the space and associated Gua.