5 Feng Shui Tips on How to Create a Beautiful Nursery

You’ve waited 9 months to embrace and nurture your little bundle of love, spent time and energy decorating the perfect space to nuzzle noses and count finger and toes. As a new parent your nervous, conscientious, and take every little learning curve as a sign of failure on your parenting skills. Friends in their passion to share their little darling’s daily achievements unknowingly create the start of infant Olympics where things become a competition and simple pleasures of just be-ing in the moment become thoughts on the walls.

Yes; these are the formative years and in your desire to inspire strong resilient spirits that will grow and thrive to become successful graduates and accomplished professionals you are already envisioning diplomas on the walls alongside Dora the Explorer, ABS’s and NHL Hockey Jerseys. When

Feng Shui-ing for Infant and Toddler rooms think soft, supple mothers skin, think nurturing calm. These little beings came from the den of creation, dark and warm, full of the vibrations of your being, the frequency of your voice. Help their transition into this world by creating a space that reminds them of their first home, where love was heard in the unison of heart beats; yours and theirs.

ADD & ADHD don’t have to be common terms when applying Feng Shui. ATD Attention to Detail can be the Feng Shui Way of creating calm, balanced and focused children spaces that recognizes and considers the importance environmental influences have on the children of the today and the leaders of tomorrow.

Feng Shui Children Spaces Attention to Detail

1. Tape your own voice singing or humming your favorite lullaby or reading an endearing children’s book. Play it at a low volume when you leave the room, you’ll smile when you hear them humming the same song at 17 while their studying for a final.

2. Place the crib or bed where the child can see the door from their pillow, preferably with one side of the bed against a solid wall. I’ve seen many children’s beds placed behind the door, or on the same wall as the door. This does not provide a sense of safety and security as they cannot see you from where they lay. Choose beige flannel sheets and plush blankest or quilts. Hang curtains over blinds to create that den space, plain not print fabrics, soft, not silk. Remember warm and cozy. Keep curtains and blind cords out of curious little fingers reach.

3. Place a family photo on the wall or dresser beside the bed, in a location that they can see from their pillow. You are their safe place, their sanctuary, their first home, remind them of this. A small nightlight calms their spirit and cast a warm glow.

4. Resist the urge to hang shelving on the walls; this creates what Feng Shui considers Sha Ch’i or sharp energy. It starts to feel like someone’s always pointing a ruler at you, not to mention rather accusatory and over time may cause some physical and emotional issues.

5. Keeps all dolls, teddy bears, trains, planes and automobiles away in the closet, preferably in wicker or cloth baskets. It’s not only your children that believe their stuffed bunnies are alive and playful; Feng Shui recognizes that everything is alive with its own vibrational Ch’i. Stuffed toys, dolls, books, plastic items, primary colours are all considered fire energy, being that they are man-made and always active, talking and telling a story.

It’s exciting, I know, to have a new baby, to desire to provide them the best that money can buy every new gadget and gizmo on the market, swing, mobile, go-cart, walker and jolly jumper. But I ask you before jumping into the next phase of power shopping to consider less-is-more and that someday real soon, you will realize that the latest greatest could have paid for the first semester of University. As a Feng Shui Consultant I ask you to apply some Universal Knowledge by being grounded. Grounded doesn’t have to imply, a jail term, it could simply be getting down on the floor and rolling around, crawling on all fours, while being the best ride of their lives.