The Joy of Thrifting and the Thrill of the Find

100% thrifted but looks and feels elegant and pricey but was only 15.00 for;

12 placemats @ .99/2 total 6.00
12 napkins @ .99/2 total 6.00
12 Napkin Rings 3.00

Same items sell online for;

Placemats sell online for 15.99 + 4.99 shipping for 4 total 47.99 +4.99 shipping
Napkins similar sell online for 22.14 for 4 total 66.42
Napkin rings sold online for 8.99 for 6 total 17.98
Total online purchased would have been 137.38

I saved 122.36!!!!

I’ve heard it said in my industry that to have the best Feng Shui you need to live and spend like a king. That my friends is total B.S.!!!!

What matters is;
1. That you live with what you love
2. Know your intention and align your body, soul, spirit, home with the vibrations to manifest your heartfelt desires
3. Elementally balance the guas while achieving a balance between the masculine and feminine
4. Enhance according to personal taste and associated guas

I intend to show you how you can Feng Shui your space with what you have and on a thrift store budget if that’s your fancy.

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