The Feng Shui Anatomy of  a Hallway

Hallways are the pathways that join larger common rooms to smaller more private and intimate spaces. It is through the hallway that the energy flows into and nurtures the rest of the home. Like a body of water with rivers running and trickling up and downstream the ebb and flow depend changing with environmental influences.

The Chi of a long dark, narrow hallway may be slow while a hallway that is light, bright and wide may be higher due to the increase in light and volume. How the Chi within the hallway influences the health and vitality of the connecting private spaces.

A room at the end of a long, dark, narrow hallway be me become stale and stagnate and full of “stuff” due to the low vibrational frequency. Rooms in this location are often neglected and as a result the residents may see a correlation to such effects playing out in their lives specifically in relationship to the Gua in which the said room falls.

A master bedroom in such a location may result in low personal Chi for the occupants. They may find that their relationship is suffering with indifference and boredom. Depression and loss of vigor may become a chronic issue if not tended to properly. In this case both the hallway and bedroom would benefit from specific remedies to raise the vibration to that which is supportive and nurturing.

Long, dark and narrow hallways that feel heavy and oppressive can be easily remedied with some minor adjustments to raise the Chi so that it flows more purposefully. In some cases a more involved solution might serve to be more beneficial.

The fast moving Chi of a long, light and wide hallway may be evident in residence that are always on the run, hyperactive and may suffer from anxiety. A few small adjustments and transcendental remedies will often resolve with little effort.

Considered to represent the arteries and veins of the home it is best to make sure that all hallways are clear of “excess stuff” and that the integrity of the floor, ceiling and walls are well taken care of to avoid hardening of the arteries and hematomas.

As open floor plans are becoming the rage and I mentioned in “The Living Essence of a Home” Walls post more home owners of older properties are renovating and removing interior structural walls eliminating hallways to more common rooms. When doing so the living essence of the home is altered adjusting how the energy flows through out the space. In essence a river then becomes a lake.

The placement of interior doors in hallways alters the flow of energy as does the number of doors and the position each has with the other. Depending on the placement and swing of the doors and the relationship to each of the rooms a hallway remedy may be required to alter influential challenges.

The best door to hallway ratio is considered between 2 -4. I write more on interior doors in a later post. Stay tuned for details.

How does the living essence of your hallways measure up?