The Feng Shui Anatomy of Exterior

Offering protection from the elements the Living Essence of a Home “exterior represents the epidermis that of the skin. The materials used are often subject to the geographical location where one resides for instance an adobe home is best suited for the hot dry climate while a vinyl siding home is better for cooler, damp and wet weather conditions.

The various exterior products used to may also represent one of the five elements. Adobe homes are often associated to the earth element, while a vinyl siding and acrylic stucco are man-made manufactured products and represent the fire element. Metal sheeting and siding represents the metal element and wood siding that of wood.

Of course the colour plays a large part in helping to create balance as does exteriors where there are a combination of products used such as a home that is faced with both a cedar shakes for the peek, vinyl siding with brick accents. In such a case the face of the home would have a representation of the wood, earth and fire elements. The windows represent the water element.

As you can see it’s a fine balance.

The front exterior of the home represents the face that of the home and that of the occupants. It is a reflection on how we present ourselves to the world. The curb appeal of a home that appears well maintained and groomed is an expression of respect and pride. Regardless of the economic status of the owners the most humblest of homes can offer a charming, inviting and pleasing presence in its neighborhood.

Although you can often tell the financial status of the occupants of a home by its outward appearance it doesn’t have to be that way. Simply caring enough to maintain ones sacred space on this planet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It simply takes someone to care enough to cut the grass. Paint is cheap so if your trim is peeling paint it. Pickup your garbage, don’t leave it on the curb.

The condition of the exterior of your home has a profound and direct effect on your neighborhood as does the condition of your neighbour’s home exterior have an effect on yours. A home that is neglected will drop the real estate value of  your home and all those on your street. Our communities are a collective we all suffer from a bad case of I-don’t-give-a-shit.

In most residential subs there is an exterior style and trend depending of homes which often is associated to the year in which the community was founded. As years go by exterior maintenance of requires resurfacing weather and worn finishes resulting in some home owners choosing more trendier products used in newer subdivisions. What often happens in cases such as this is that these homes often change the look and feel of the neighborhood. Which is the case here in my city of Saskatoon. Many homeowners and developers new to older, mature neighborhoods are either refacing or demolishing charming character homes to build massive modern square and angular duplexes that alter the quaint and charming feel of the area. What was once single family homes with large spacious yards and mature trees are now becoming barren mountains of grey stucco consuming the land and blocking the view of the adjacent homes. A view of the river is now a view of someone’s dark grey wall! Personally I find this kind of progress very disheartening.

When renovating or updating the exterior of your home it is best to consider the effect your choices will have on the grater-good. Choose a style and a product that is complimentary to the surroundings and the era in which your homes was built while still expressing your unique taste and style. Choose product that is appropriate for your climate and that will with stand the elements.

To assure a long life of the exterior of your home provide seasonal maintenance by cleaning, repairing and painting any and all surfaces that acquire attention. Procrastination of such things can cause costly and timely issues if not attended to at an early stage in their decline.

Siding seams that are separating or are cracked my compromise the exterior sheeting during heavy rains and freezing.

Cracked and pealing stucco and bricks mortar may also let rain trickle between the exterior and the sheeting as well. Causing further damage that may show in skin irritation, rashes and lesions on the occupants of the home.

We are all alive and connected. Maintaining the health of your home reduces the external influences on your own health and well-being.

A house that has a pleasing and inviting outward expression is a home that raises your personal chi and embraces you at the end of the day.

How you expressing yourself through your home? What role is your home playing in your neighborhood? Are you adding to its value or depleting it? Are you wasting all your hard earned money and that of your neighbors or are you investing in its value.

Show respect for the things you have and the universe will respond in kind. Your home is your biggest investment. It’s exterior is its biggest impact on the world. Make it count! Show you care.