The Feng Shui Anatomy of Home Fireplaces

In relationship to the HVC system but not directly associated to the same structural components the Fireplace influences the health of the physical respiratory system which includes the heart and lungs of the residence. Therefore, it is important to perform regular maintenance of the chimney to remove the buildup of soot that may limit the expelling of smoke and harmful carbon monoxide. A thorough exam of the structural integrity of the interior and exterior components of the chimney will prevent risk of a chimney fire and potential injuries, loss of life or personal possessions.

The chimney represents the cardiovascular and respiratory system of the body, a build of soot may be indicating plaque buildup in the arteries of the heart or inflamed capillaries of the lungs and baronial tubes causing health challenges.

A friend of mine upon moving into a new home developed a heart condition that she hadn’t showed any signs of having in her previous home. During a telephone conversation I shared with her the influences that a chimney had on the physical heart of the occupants of a home. Not believing in coincidences and always seeking the hidden messages in every situation I had a sneaking suspicion her new condition was related to the health of her fireplace and chimney that was located in the center of her home in the Center of Health Gua. I suggested that she have the chimney cleaned and assessed for any damage in which she did. After a very short time of having the chimney cleaned her symptoms disappeared as to her amazement so did her heart condition.

I recommend the same care to clients with gas, pellet fireplaces and wood burning stoves as the risks are very similar and somewhat explosive.

Although fireplaces create a warm and intimate atmosphere in common rooms such as living, dining and family rooms they are best managed appropriately when considering the gua in which they align. Representing the fire element the expansive and volatile nature of a fireplace is best controlled and utilized to its fullest beneficial potential.


It is vital to the health and vitality of all occupants of a home to neutralize the potential harm a fireplace can have when aligned with the Family & Health, Center of Health, Career & Life Path, Wealth & Prosperity, Children & Creativity, and Helpful People & Health Gua. The health risks are too important to ignore. If you have questions about your fireplace placement don’t be shy. Call me. We will discuss practical solutions and viable options to reduce the risk of any potential challenges.

Best suited to be place in the Fame & Reputation, Knowledge & Self-Cultivated and Love, Marriage & Relationship Guas as the fire element supports the elemental balance of each and therefore poses minimal health threats unless the location is new a bed or bedroom.


If at all possible avoid putting the head of the bed against a wall where there is a chimney on the other side. This placement may create unnecessary heart conditions, high and low blood pressure, angina and stroke, asthma and congestive heart disease.

Don’t let a neglected chimney rob you of your life force energy. Be proactive. Take care of your home, take care of you.