My Music Man

My Honey’s a musician at 💗 so I’m trying to incorporate little touches of music in our vignettes.

Our first summer together we threw a single mattress in my minivan and travelled across the province making love and sweet music together. (I know, oversharing, but it’s an example of how each and every item in our home tells a story and triggers a memory. So fill your sacred space with sweet, sweet memories and vignettes that help you create your beautiful future and memories to come.)

I’ve a journal full of dreamy poetry and songs we wrote while photographing old abandoned cars and exploring forgotten haunted houses. Our travels were rich in experience we both loved👻🎼💗!

It wasn’t the 70’s but 2001 and we felt like teenagers. Young and so in love my Honey 🍯 and I.

Honouring my Honey’s love for music and our joint creative natures I placed 5 thrifted pitches in the vignette in my studio as symbols of our full spirits of giving and receiving. I filled 2 with sheet music and one with tools of both my career and my passions. One is filled with spring flowers reminiscent of our youth. The last I left open as a symbol of the future and what’s yet to come.

Everything matters so make it matter to you.

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