Feng Shui Faux Flowers Versus Real

I only placed these dollar store flowers here for a minute but I think I want to keep them right where they are till spring. I won’t of course, I have a project for these. Yes, I blend real plants and flowers with faux and here’s my take on the subject.

As a seasoned professional I have a tendency to have a lot of opposing views than most you will find on the internet and in Feng Shui books. I don’t subscribe to fear shui at all. There’s no place for fear based thoughts in my life or work.

The intention is everything. Although real plants are awesome for grounding a space, enhancing health and well being, mitigating emfs and other environmental toxins a painting of a landscape/bouquet of flowers or an arrangement of cut flowers or faux flowers and silk or plastic plants can be equally beautiful giving the eye something to rest upon and lift a mood and the energy of a space. Inspire growth, new ideas and projects.

A real plant or arrangement that is neglected and dusty does not hold the same vibration that a clean one does. So, in essence, a live plant that is thirsty, dusty and or dying is a liability, not an asset.

To me, if a real/live, cut or faux plant or arrangement is well cared for and beautiful it is an asset and therefore an enhancement.

I feel the old “rule” that people refer to was created during the days when dried flowers and potpourri were all the rage and they were virtually hard to clean properly due to their fragility. They were also indicative of the end cycle of life for they were dried as in dead and therefore not a symbol of health and vitality.

I incorporate budget-friendly faux with live flowers and plants even in person it is really hard to see the difference. I had a girlfriend over for coffee yesterday who is a designer and could not tell the difference between the faux and the live ones.

What matters is the intention and the attention to detail in their care. A weekly spritz of water will help keep all dust free and looking fresh and new. Of course, you need to water the live ones as well.