• feng Shui Dowsing FAQs for Land and Home

Feng Shui Dowsing FAQs for Land and Home

My On-site & Distant Dowsing method is recognized by my colleagues and clients throughout Canada, United States and Internationally for remedying invisible energetic disturbances that have had the potential to compromise your health and well-being.

Move Beyond Your Limitation

Dowsing otherwise known as Divining or Wyching is a protocol used to identify and remedying non-beneficial environmental earth or building energies that may hold the potential to cause both human and animals compromised immune systems which contribute to ill health.

Next time you are on a nice country drive or simply taking a walk in your neighborhood, park or woods pay attention to the land and trees around you. Watch for low lying pockets of landscape, diseased and deformed trees and shrubs. What you will be seeing is nature’s way of telling us where there is a pocket of non-beneficial earth energies present.

If there are buildings in the vicinity they may also show visible signs of distress such as less-than-excellent curb appeal. Many of these buildings are neglected and in need of much repair.

Just because a contractor builds a structure over these non-beneficial earth energies does not mean they do not exist and do not have an adverse effect on our human experience. If the natural life forms of the environment cannot thrive in places such as the ones shown in the following photo how can we expect to?

Pay attention to areas of your home that are neglected, make you or anyone in your family feel unwell or anxious. The bedroom is often of the most concern as this is where we spend the majority of the time in our homes.

Some of my clients have experienced non-beneficial environmental energies symptoms resulting in migraines, stomach and digestive disorders, an overall feeling of un-wellness, insomnia, seizures, cancer and many others.

  • From a macro/big picture perspective how are your neighbors?
  • Is there a number of people that you know in your small community that are suffering from the same type of illness and or dis-ease?
  • What is the land around you like, the vegetation, buildings, livestock?

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