3 Feng Shui Tips to Building, Renovate, Redesign Your Home Wisely

Building a new home is an exciting and emotional adventure. Although initially things me look good on paper, they can be extremely deceiving once the walls are up you begin to realize that things you wish you would have done differently. Sometimes these realizations come too late or result in costly mistakes.

With over 25 years experience in home construction and renovation in additional to consulting for countless clients I know far too many architectural and design concepts that are less-than-excellent Feng Shui. The challenge is that unfortunately there are few architects and designers aware of the impact of their designs have on ones health and well-being. Their focus is primarily on visual aesthetics rather than the relationship one has with the macro and mirco environment.

The following are my 3 Top FYI’s that every home owner, builder and design should know before building a new home.

1. It is best to build the Master Bedroom at the back of the home away from the activity of the street. The back of the home supports rest, rejuvenation, re-connection and restoration.

2. To reduce the risk of un-necessary health challenges and chronic pain it is best to have all the services such as gas, electrical meters and furnaces installed as far from All bedrooms as possible. Potential health challenges could result in respiratory, heart and neurological as well as chronic insomnia.

3. Do not build the wall in which the head of the bed will be intended to align to with any of the following;

  1. bathroom
  2. laundry room
  3. kitchen
  4. fireplace
  5. chimney
  6. utility room

I have seen far too many client health challenges caused by sleeping in close proximity to the above. Although there are Feng Shui remedies to help mitigate the effect it is best to build a home wisely to avoid such potential health challenges.

For insights into your build, renovation or home re-design call me. Let’s create a home that will support how you most desire to feel.

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