5 Reasons Your DIY Space Clearing Didn’t Achieve Your Desired Results

I have been and continual to be hired by countless clients from across the globe who have unsuccessfully tried space clearing their homes and businesses themselves of non-beneficial energies, entities and paranormal activity.  The following is a list of reasons why their DIY Space Clearing did not achieve their desired results.

#1 You are too close to the situation

When one is living in an intense situation or environmental that is highly emotionally or karmically charged with trauma, non -beneficial energy forms or paranormal activity it is challenging to clearly see the most appropriate solutions that are in the highest good for all of creation. In cases such as these outside assistance of a qualified profession will achieve the best results.

#2 You are not clear yourself

Often what you are trying to clear is attached to your auric field and your energetic bodies. Therefore a personal clearing may be needed in conjunction to your space clearing to achieve your desired results. Your influence is based on your personal vibration.

Consulting with a professional who is well trained in both personal and space clearing can help you gain the most desired results.

#3 Your method is not appropriate

Not all methods of space clearings are appropriate for all types of clearings. Although sage and  palosanto are good for regular aura and environmental daily cleanses, new and full moon ceremonies. Alone they are not effective for clearing paranormal activity or entity attachments.

#4 You are emotionally charged

When you are emotionally charged with fear, anger and hold strong judgments about the situation you are more likely to attract a greater number of non-beneficial energies and entities than what you are attempting to clear.

A qualified professional has the ability to stay calm while achieving your desired results.

#5 Your intentions are not clear

Pure, clear, focused intentions are what is needed for any and all clearings. Any judgments, personal beliefs and preconceived notions will be ill-effective and yield undesired results.

A qualified professional is able to successfully clear people, places, times and events by staying clear of all personal biases and external influences while holding intentions for the desired results throughout the entire clearing ceremony.

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