Feng Shui DIY Front Door Wreath

I’m celebrating the spring equinox by hanging a new DIY wreath on our front door to celebrate new beginnings and the blooming of things to come.

Can you tell I’m in love with faux white roses? They symbolize purity and clarity to me.

Traditionally wreaths are a circle representing unity. (Isn’t an oval just an elongated circle?) In Feng Shui, it’s a symbol of heaven the square earth, and to me, it’s about bringing heaven to earth. Why wait till the end of the book for the good stuff. I want every day + page in my day and my life to be filled with magic and miracles, not just the hereafter.

True to form I took something interesting to me and repurposed it for something else.

I used this thrifted vintage oval picture frame as the base for my wreath. I attached 4 felt 3m pads to the back so it wouldn’t scratch the door and hot glued my faux flowers to the frame.

Of course, I had to hang the bell 🔔 in the centre as a calling of gratitude for the many fortunate blessing that grace all that cross our threshold. It’s a gift from a dear friend Carol Dawson and a symbol of Helpful People.

Did you know that hanging an embellishment on your front door says to the universe “hey over here” I’d love to receive all the juicy goodness that’s in my highest good to experience?

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