Feng Shui DIY Front Porch Refresh

So, I’ve been working on another DIY this one for our front porch.

I wanted new house numbers for our home that suited our taste and style but removing the modern ones attached to the clear quartz was too risky. I’d be devastated if I damaged it! So I had a vision for a DIY that gives me the freedom to change the vignette throughout the seasons.

I’m truly over the moon 🌙 with this Kijjijji hall tree makeover!

Here’s my tutorial

  1. I preped the surface by brushing all the oak with Krud Kutter Gloss Off to remove the varnish before I could whitewash the surface.

2. Not wanting to blind my neighbours nor cause a fire across the street with the sun reflecting off the mirrors I needed to do something to create depth and dimensions, so the numbers popped against the surface.

Following the drying time instructions, I applied four coats of primer to the mirrored surfaces layering each coat vertical and horizontal to give the surface a linen textured look and feel.

3. Wanting depth of colour I gave the primer a single coat of Minwax Provincial Varathain.

4. Pulling a couple of scrap pieces of burlap from the garage, I soaked each in plain water for 5 minutes and hanging them out on the back deck to dry as a means to reduce the wrinkles and clean them of dust and garden grime.

Once dry, I measured and cut each piece of burlap to fit both primed and stained mirrors.

5. Applying a generous coat of wood glue to the stained primer I then pressed the cleaned burlap into place, letting it dry before whitewashing the entire surface of the hall tree, oak and mirror both.

6. Mixing 50/50 paint and water, I layered four coats of paint to both the oak and burlapped mirror sanding between each coat to give the oak a distressed look.

7. To give the numbers depth, I applied the same finishing process to a thrifted country farmhouse painting that I used as a number plate.

8. A quick brush of stain gives the mdf numbers I sourced from Micheals Crafts some personality. (As all links on this page these numbers are from my Amazon.ca affiliate.)

9. Not fully satisfied with the finishing detailed I added a couple of  wood applique to add visual intersted and texture.


To finish the redesign and add to the distressed look and feel of this hall tree I spray painted the brass coat hooks with flat black paint.

Although I love the process of each DIY I do love creating unique Feng Shui inspired vignettes that are gua specific and elementally balance more and this one is no except. True to form everything has been thrifted and or purches from Dollarama.

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